Addiction leads to - Outpatient Addiction Treatment Center in Arizona

Substance abuse of any kind is dangerous.

The onset of addiction can happen quickly or gradually. If not arrested, the condition always becomes progressively worse. Chemical dependency affects families from all walks of life. It does not discriminate by age, occupation, socio-economic background, race/ethnicity, or religion.
Once the line of addiction is crossed, the user loses control of various aspects of their life. There is typically a deterioration of relationships, job performance, finances, mental and emotional health. Legal problems often occur; family systems always suffer. The need and compulsion for the substance hijacks nearly all that is valued by the addict. While some may continue to be more highly functional, all gradually experience greater loss as substances overpower their lives.
Recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is a process. It starts with a desire and commitment to get sober. Along with this, many addicts need support while working on the issues related to chemical dependency. Families need help too. The path to wellness involves many challenges; but with effort, time and the proper resources, full recovery is possible.
What to do and where to go for help can be difficult questions to answer. Renaissance Recovery Center is committed to finding the best help available for addicts and their families. We will work for you to find the resources which best meet your needs. Assessments and referrals are provided at no charge.