Common Concerns with Opiate Dependence


  •  I’m afraid of withdrawals

It is normal to feel that way; most people do. Certainly, there will always be some withdrawal; no matter how long the taper down process. Oftentimes, the fear of withdrawals can be worse than the withdrawals themselves. With proper medical and counseling support, many can break the bondage of opiate dependence in a relatively short period of time.


  • I don’t know how I’ll manage my pain?

Don’t worry. For many, chronic pain is more manageable without narcotics. Opiate dependence often compounds chronic pain issues. Your doctor can help you find alternative strategies to effectively manage pain. Along with proper education and counseling, many have realized a higher quality of life free of opiates.


  • How will my life be without opiates?

This is a concern commonly experienced with chronic opiate use. Opiate dependence is more than just physical; many also become emotionally and psychologically dependent on the substance. It is hard to let go without knowing other ways of coping. Opiates may work for a while, but always cause more problems as they begin to take control of people’s lives. There is hope. With appropriate counseling and support, you can have a better life free of opiates.


  • What if I need more help?

You don’t have to do it alone. Opiate dependence is often a bigger problem to overcome than most realize. This can be hard to accept. Many have tried to quit on their own; sometimes for years. While personal commitment and resolve are necessary, for some these are not enough. Guilt, shame and embarrassment can also keep people from reaching out. By accepting help, you can find the strength and support necessary to live a happy, opiate free life.


Overcome Opiate Dependence

Renaissance Recovery Center provides safe and confidential counseling services designed to help people overcome opiate dependence. Our professional team consists of Doctors and Masters level counselors with more than 50 years of specialized work in chemical dependency. We also add our own personal recovery experience, giving us empathy and compassion for those we seek to help.

Our unique approach offers individualized and customized care to each client; addressing the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects of addiction. We can help you achieve abstinence and find the path to a life free of opiate dependence.


  • Services include:
  • Intensive Outpatient Groups
  • Opiate Dependence Support Groups
  • Educational groups
  • Individual counseling
  • Referrals for medication management


Opiate Addiction Recovery Center in Arizona

If you or a loved one are suffering from Opiate addiction, it’s time to take steps toward recovery and getting that illness into remission. Renaissance Recovery Center is located in Arizona and fosters healing through Gospel-centered programs and treatment. Many conditions are covered by insurance under mental health provisions. Contact us for a free consultation at (480) 526-7738.