Addiction Treatment Center in Arizona

Are You Ready for Lasting Change?

Are you struggling with addiction and seeking long-term sobriety and rehabilitation? Renaissance Recovery Center is a state-of-the-art outpatient drug and alcohol treatment center located in Gilbert, Arizona. Many patients find that outpatient treatment programs are easier to incorporate in their everyday lives without missing work or family commitments while they complete their program with us. When you choose Renaissance Recovery Center, you can expect to have a custom treatment plan, tailored to your unique needs and challenges. Our individualized approach focuses first on detox, and then on the core beliefs and struggles that have led each patient to this place. The outcome is a treatment program that produces positive change consistently over time.

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Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment Options

Alcohol Treatment Center Gilbert, AZMany clients share that the limiting factor for participating in treatment is the inpatient setting; the fear of losing their job, concerns about who will care for their children or pets, the fear of judgment from others, and the fear of being alone prevent them from enrolling in a program. By offering effective drug and alcohol treatment in an outpatient setting with day and evening hours, we can alleviate these fears for patients and make rehabilitation attainable for anyone who is ready.

Renaissance Recovery Center combines clinical treatment with a spiritual perspective to create a treatment plan that addresses the client’s mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs which increase overall program success for participants. We offer treatment for dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring disorders. We provide services with these key goals for the client:

  • Achieve sobriety and maintain indefinitely
  • Grow personally and heal from the past
  • Achieve improved quality of life
  • Function at the highest level upon completion

We achieve this through expert and compassionate drug and alcohol treatment aimed at treating the whole person and their support network that is strategically designed according to clinical evidence and individual patient needs. Almost every addiction is accompanied by an underlying driver; we address those underlying causes to create recovery that lasts beyond our treatment center doors.

We offer free no-obligation consultations to help you determine whether our drug and alcohol treatment center offers everything you need in a way that accommodates your personal and professional obligations.

Choose Renaissance Recovery as Your Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center in Arizona 

Aspire to Excellence - Alcohol Treatment Center Gilbert, AZA common patient concern is the cost of rehab; in fact, many patients never participate in a rehabilitation program because they believe they can’t afford it. At Renaissance Recovery Center, we assign a full team of financial advocates to your case. We will communicate with your insurer on your behalf to ensure you receive the maximum benefit allowed on your plan. We can also connect you with non-profit organizations that may be able to assist with the cost of your addiction recovery program.

The first step is completely free and can easily be scheduled in a way that doesn’t interfere with your other obligations. Simply make the call to schedule your free assessment at 480-526-7738. There, we can answer all of your questions and address any worries you have about the program with a mutual goal of long-term healing and recovery.

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