Renaissance Recovery Center Phoenix

The Phoenix nighttime skyline.Renaissance Recovery Center is devoted to serving the people of Arizona, no matter where they might be. This is the foundation behind our treatment center in Phoenix, which works day and night to help Phoenix residents beat substance abuse and live a fulfilling life of long-term sobriety. Our program helps utilizes an intensive outpatient model that uses the 12-step approach to help heal the people of Arizona in a way that helps them live greater lives.


Our unique style

As stated above, we are firm believers in using the 12-step addiction recovery model to help people take control of their lives and fight back against the throes of addiction and substance abuse. We have a highly unique outlook on life and recovery that helps us push people to achieve their personal potential with our intensive outpatient program. In Phoenix, this approach has allowed us to heal residents and make them whole again by melding the mind, body, and spirit into a cohesive being.

This is tangibly accomplished by using multiple forms of treatment, from group and individual therapy, to the utilization of physical activities to bring the body in tune with the mind. We also utilize spiritual healing in a way that is respectful to the beliefs of all people, so that a strong spiritual foundation can be in place, per the guidelines of the 12-step model.

This method of treatment is grown from years of experience in healing people throughout Arizona. This experience has grown wisdom in our staff, and allows our counselors to get to the heart of the issues that afflict our patients.

Serving the people of Phoenix

The intensive outpatient programs that we offer are specialized towards treating the addiction of substance abuse. Addiction is a major epidemic in our state, our country, and, indeed, the entire world, at the moment. By pledging to help people overcome addiction, we are doing our part to help the people of Phoenix. This is our way of helping people in our community live more fulfilling lives that are free from the confinement of addiction, which has the power to take control of our lives in ways that are hard to counteract. To learn more about different kinds of addictions, read more around our site.

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To learn more about ways we serve the people of Phoenix, and how we can put the power back in your life to fight substance abuse, be sure to contact us. It is our goal to help anyone who is struggling in the fight against addiction.

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