Rehab for Women in Arizona

Outpatient Drug Rehab for Women in Arizona

One of the options that women might want to take advantage of is outpatient drug rehab. In this treatment program, women will come to our offices during the day for treatment sessions. This might include individual counseling sessions and group therapy. There might even be medications used to help someone conquer their addiction. The great part about outpatient drug rehab is that nobody has to spend the night at our facility. People can continue their normal lives and spend time with their families once the treatment for the day is finished. This type of rehab program has numerous benefits.

Renaissance Recovery Center offers women-only rehab options that might be appropriate for some people. Contact us at 480-526-7738 to explore rehabs for women in Arizona.

Woman's support group - Outpatient Drug Treatment Center For Women In Arizona

The Benefits of Rehab for Women

No treatment program will meet the needs of everyone and some women are more comfortable dealing with their addiction treatment in a single-gender setting. Some of the benefits of a women-only rehab treatment setting include:

  • Some women will feel more comfortable discussing their sensitive, personal issues in a women-only setting
  • There might be women in the group who have experienced assault as a part of their addiction, which they would like to discuss only with other women
  • Certain mental health disorders are more common in women than in men, which might make the treatment more focused on their needs
  • Women-only rehab centers are often able to focus more on how addiction impacted their diet, weight, parenting, body image, and other issues that are more pertinent to women
  • Enjoying a single-gender treatment setting allows women to enjoy a feeling of camaraderie with others in the program

Everyone deserves to have access to a treatment program that addresses their specific needs. That is why women-only rehab centers have been so successful. Make sure that you find a treatment program that focuses on treating the entire person and not just the addiction.

Call Renaissance Recovery Center for Rehab for Women

It is important for women to have access to a recovery center that understands their addiction at its roots. This understanding is critical for helping someone recover. At the Renaissance Recovery Center, we are a drug and alcohol addiction treatment program here to help those in Arizona with their addiction needs. We have designed a recovery group that is comprehensive in nature, including the gospel and a 12-step program. We even have medication-assisted treatment to help those recover. Our experts will provide compassionate care in a non-judgmental manner. We have a unique approach that focuses on clinically proven methods to help you and your family with your recovery. Call us today at 480-526-7738 to learn more.

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