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The word renaissance means a renewal of life and vigor. Here at Renaissance Recovery Center in Gilbert, Arizona, our drug and alcohol rehab counselors work to remove the shame, pain, and isolation and work to give individuals a renewed, meaningful life outside addiction. We tackle the underlying issue that leads people to addiction. Our drug rehab and alcohol rehab services utilize mindfulness, social support, and proactive problem-solving in an outpatient setting. Our addiction recovery therapists work with clients one-on-one to provide tailored recovery solutions at an affordable rate. We want to help YOU reach YOUR goals. Help is waiting. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call 480.526.7738. Our professional drug and alcohol addiction specialists provide proven recovery that works. Discover your own renaissance period in our safe, peaceful addiction treatment center in Arizona, and establish new beliefs that effect positive self-reflection and recovery that lasts.
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Unconditional Support To promote healing and wellness for the suffering addict, their families and others struggling with psychological and emotional challenges; to provide care within an environment of safety, respect and regard for each individual. Our unique approach integrates clinically driven methods with 12 Step principles, offering an enhanced recovery experience customized to the needs of each client. Learn More...
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Answers to Frequently Asked Treatment Questions

Often, those who are considering entering a treatment program are worried about the cost of rehab and "if it’s covered by insurance?", the answer typically is yes. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) set some standards for insurance policies, one of which includes requiring all insurance plans to cover certain aspects of addiction treatment. The types of services covered will depend on the specific terms of the insurance policy, but most rehabs (including Renaissance Recovery Center in Gilbert, Arizona) offer free assessments and referrals to get you started.
There’s no one "right" answer—the length of the treatment program is customized and dependent on the patient’s individual goals, budget, and the type of treatment needed. We are prepared to help with interventions, counseling, group therapy, aftercare, and more. If a more intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment is needed, a 90-day strategic program combines one-on-one treatment and can include family counseling to help recover on multiple levels. We assist you every step of the way to help you meet your individual goals.
The decision to pursue sobriety is different for everyone. Some people struggling with addiction hit rock bottom if they lose their job, get served with divorce papers, or even wind up homeless as a result of their addiction. Others may question "when is it time for help with rehabilitation?" after an intervention. Often, if you’re even asking yourself the question of whether you or a loved one may need rehab, pursuing treatment can be a good idea. A free consultation can help you come to a clear determination.
Many who struggle with substance abuse wonder whether rehab is the best way to treat addiction. So how does rehab work? Substance abuse treatment starts by delving into the physical, mental, and emotional reasons the patient is struggling with addiction. Only by addressing these root causes that often lead to substance abuse can the patient identify addiction triggers and develop the necessary coping mechanisms to achieve and maintain sobriety. Rehabilitation provides the best opportunity for someone struggling with addiction to seek focused, targeted treatment for the underlying cause of their addiction.
Determining how to help an addict can be tough. There are many ways to get someone into a rehab program, from threatening legal consequences (for example, a the court states rehab as the only alternative to jail) to conducting an intervention or offering to pay a portion of the treatment costs in exchange for their promise to complete treatment. Our experienced team is prepared to help with interventions to help you encourage a loved one to agree to treatment.
The most common signs of drug addiction include marked changes in appearance (rapid weight gain or loss, hair loss, or skin sores), mood swings, disrupted sleep patterns (sleeping excessively, staying awake for days, or both), and the adoption of a new friends, avoiding existing friends who don’t use drugs. Many who struggle with addiction also have financial difficulties, since building up a tolerance to their drug of choice can mean spending more and more money for each high.
Some of the most common signs of alcoholism include an inability or unwillingness to quit drinking, even in the face of serious legal and social consequences. Those who have been charged with more than one alcohol-related crime recently such as being charged with DUI, been fired from a job due to their drinking, or who have begun to develop alcohol-related liver, kidney, or heart problems are all signs of alcoholism.
The "disease model of addiction" is widely accepted by treatment providers and addiction experts, and hypothesizes that addiction is a disease in involving measurable, structural changes in the way the brain works. Drug and alcohol abuse can impact the parts of the brain that control judgment, decision making, memory, and behavior.
The outpatient definition is a treatment program that doesn’t require the patient to stay in rehab, just to attend all scheduled sessions. Patients in outpatient treatment to our facility for targeted counseling and work, including group and individual therapy while still living at home, working, and their other typical activities. Renaissance Recovery Center, a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in Arizona, offers an intensive 90-day outpatient treatment program that can get to the root of a patient’s addiction without disrupting their regular schedule or life.
Drug addiction treatment is only the beginning of one’s journey toward sobriety. Staying sober requires a daily commitment to maintaining healthy habits and behaviors. While the phrase "one day at a time" may seem like a cliché, it can be an effective mantra for anyone who wants to resist the physical and mental craving for their drug of choice.

If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction, contact us today for a free consultation on the ways in which we can help with healing and recovery.