Covid-19 Update – Telehealth Therapy Available at Renaissance Recovery Center

Tele-Thereapy - Renaissance Recovery Center

In response to the Coronovirus,/COVID-19, Renaissance Recovery Center now provides Intensive Outpatient and other Outpatient Tele-Therapy services. Both group and individual Tele-Therapy are available to those challenged with mental health and substance abuse issues. From the privacy of your home, we can address your treatment and wellness needs including depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, substance abuse, etc. via telephone and internet.

Some struggling with addiction may have co-occurring mental health or medical issues which preclude In-person treatment. Ohers have family, employment, or geographic barriers to getting the help they need and deserve. Substance Use Disorder and mental health are isolating conditions. Renaissance Recovery Center offers Tele-Therapy to help you find connection and recovery.

Please reach out to us you’d like a free assessment or information on how to easily access remote mental health substance abuse therapy services.

Thank you for your support.