Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Queen Creek, AZ

It’s no secret that the abuse of drugs and alcohol has become an epidemic here in the United States, and Arizona is no outlier. If you have a loved one who you suspect is abusing drugs or alcohol or who already suffer from drug addiction or alcoholism, then it’s important to intervene and consider outside help such as through drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers. Drug addiction and alcoholism can and has destroyed families and ruined personal and professional lives.

Don’t wait until it’s too late, learn how to recognize the signs of drug and alcohol addiction, understand the symptoms, and know-how intervention can help.

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General signs of drug abuse and addiction include:

Common Signs and Symptoms of Drug Addiction

    • Sudden difficulties in school, work, or related activities. Slipping grades missed work meetings, and sudden disinterest in hobbies or school-related activities like playing on the soccer team or trying out for a play may all indicate an increase in drug use.
    • Abrupt changes in physical appearance. This may include a general lack of interest in normal grooming or wearing dirty or otherwise inappropriate clothing. Bloodshot eyes, thinness, and poor skin tone are all common physical signs of drug addiction.
    • Changes in spending habits. Drug users will often stop spending money on things that they used to, such as going to the movies or weekly outings with friends, and instead use whatever money they have to buy drugs. Sudden and continual borrowing of money or an inability to pay bills on time are also often signs of a growing drug problem.
    • Sudden isolationism or withdrawal.While it is natural for teenagers and young adults to go through a period where they want more privacy and independence, withdrawing too much from family and friends is often a sign of an underlying issue. Drug abusers will frequently isolate themselves in order to hide their addiction from friends and family members.


Common Signs and Symptoms of Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction has many of the same warning signs as drug addiction. However, alcoholism can often be hard to spot by those who don’t directly live with them as, unlike most drugs, drinking alcohol socially is seen as more of a cultural norm and abuse can often be waved away as ‘normal use’. Alcoholics can present many different personalities ranging from extreme extroversion to reclusiveness. The following is a look at a few of the more common signs and symptoms that may indicate someone you love is struggling with alcoholism and alcohol addiction:

    • Drinking alcohol in dangerous and inappropriate situations. Drinking and driving, mixing alcohol with prescription medication, operating work machinery while drinking, and otherwise drinking at work or at school functions are all signs that a person is struggling with alcoholism.
    • Needing to drink to relax or de-stress. American films, books, and other forms of media portray alcohol as a ‘normal’ means of relaxing. However, a person that increasingly needs to drink in order to relax or de-stress treads a dangerous path. Not everyone can drink in moderation and relying too much on alcohol or drugs to relax is a dangerous sign of early alcoholism.
    • Continuing to drink even after alcohol use has caused relationship issues. For some, alcohol use can make them more flirty to strangers while for others it can make them more aggressive and still others don’t have issues when drinking but suffer the morning after. In all these situations and others, the abuse of alcohol commonly starts to affect the relationship one has with friends, families, and work colleagues. Those who either refuse to acknowledge this or continue despite this are those most in need of outside help for drug and alcohol addiction.


Seeking Help at Drug and Alcohol Addiction Centers in Queen Creek, AZ

If someone you love is showing some of the aforementioned warning signs and symptoms of a drug or alcohol problem, then now is the time to start researching a qualified drug and alcohol addiction specialist near you. For those who live and work in Phoenix and its surrounding areas, we hope you will look at our drug and alcohol treatment center in Queen Creek, AZ.

Ours is a faith-based treatment that offers experienced and professional help for drug and alcohol addiction. We offer two important outpatient programs that are both designed to enhance the recovery experience and meet the personal needs of each patient for long-term wellness. Those two programs are:

    • 90-Day Intensive Outpatient Treatment. This program spans three nights a week over the course of 90 days and includes a one-on-one counseling session with a drug and alcohol addiction specialist as well as family counseling. The group sessions here are small and offer an ideal setting for those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.
    • 60-Day Aftercare Program. Sobriety is not a sudden event. This is why our Queen Creek, AZ location also offers a 60-day aftercare program that offers continued support and counseling with one to three group sessions each week over the course of 60-days.

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