Faith Based Drug and Alcohol Rehab


praying for help - Spiritual Based Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery Programs in ArizonaAddiction often has a devastating spiritual impact.  It causes good people to degrade and degenerate, becoming someone other than who they really are.  In essence, drugs and alcohol are a false god.  People turn to them for happiness and freedom but are rewarded with misery and bondage.  As substances progressively take control, the addict will become isolated; losing connection with God, themselves and others.  The drug becomes their most intimate partner.  In this destructive state, the addict will often see themselves as worthless, unlovable and unforgivable.  This shame leads to even deeper cycles of addiction.

There is a big difference between bad people and bad behavior.  It is important to realize that addiction is an affliction that compels good people to do things they would not have otherwise considered. The corrosive thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviors cannot be overcome alone. Deliverance from addiction requires a connection to outside sources which can help one see the reality of their addiction, as well as the truth about who they really are.


Our addiction treatment process is based on the original Twelve-Step Program.  This method has been particularly effective in treating drug and alcohol addiction. The main reason is that it addresses many dimensions of the addiction dynamic simultaneously; incorporating elements that heal issues of the mind, body, and spirit, as well as the social aspects of the disease.

One thing that sets the Twelve-Step Program apart from many other recovery programs is that it includes spirituality as a core tenet of the process. At Renaissance Recovery Center, we put a particular emphasis on spiritual healing. We combine Christ-centered, gospel solutions with best clinical practice. In concert, these methods help our clients to clear away the deceptive thoughts, feelings, and beliefs which underlie addictive behavior.

Skilled counselors

The addiction specialists at Renaissance Recovery Center are, first and foremost, skilled and experienced clinicians.  But we have a unique ability to incorporate spiritual principles and techniques into our treatment program. This is done in a way that can be adapted to the needs and desires of each client. Our goal is to help the individual to find remission through emotional and spiritual healing.

The power of the group

Recovery cannot happen alone. Remember, this disease thrives in isolation.  Addicts struggle to see the reality of their disease, or discover a healthy sense of themselves, without outside resources. No one can truly grow and progress without connection to others. This is especially true for those struggling with addiction, who often suffer and often die in isolation. Group support can help provide the power to change that we lack on our own.

What if I struggle with a belief in God?

Don’t worry. Renaissance Recovery Center programming is founded upon universal principles which can be practiced by people with different levels and types of belief. We are not here to impose our brand of spirituality or religion on others; our goal is to help each client find their own spiritual path to recovery. We respect the values of the individual.

It is because of our all inclusive goals that we try to make our counseling services as versatile as possible. We want everyone who participates in our program to feel accepted and comfortable. Spirituality and faith are meant to bring people together. This tenet is reflected in everything we do at Renaissance Recovery Center.

Is Christian Outpatient Drug Rehab near Mesa Arizona Right for You?

Most people understand that addiction and substance abuse continue to remain one of the biggest problems facing the modern healthcare system. For people struggling with addiction of any kind, there are faith-based treatment options available. In fact, anyone who has a strong religious faith may have many of their anxieties surrounding treatment put to rest if they are able to invest in a spiritually-based treatment option. Numerous professional journals, such as the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, have studied the impacts of spiritually-based addition treatments on the patients’ ability to recover and have found positive results. Per this research, it makes sense that some people may find comfort in engaging in a rehab program that focuses on their faith and their ability to recover. Faith-based treatment can give people a renewed sense of confidence that gives them the ability to effectively resume their lives on the other side of substance abuse treatment. While faith-based treatment does have numerous benefits for people of religious backgrounds, anyone can engage in this treatment approach. These treatment options have benefited people from all different religious and socioeconomic backgrounds. These treatments do not focus on religious pillars; however, they do focus on forgiveness, love, and healing. Those who consider themselves Christians will find that faith-based treatment options echo many of the core values and beliefs of Christianity. People will also find themselves surrounded by many people who are just like them when it comes to religious beliefs. By relying on the comfort of your fellow man and the Christian values that play such a strong role in life, people will be able to find their way back on track by finding solace in the Christian faith.

Importance of Continued Support After Recovery

When someone who has been struggling with addiction and substance abuse has completed their treatment course and is ready to re-enter society as a sober person, they are entering a world filled with numerous triggers. For this reason, people recovering from addiction problems will need the help and support of their friends and families to avoid relapsing back into a life of addiction. By engaging in a faith-based recovery program, people have the benefit of added support in their community. There are religious and faith-based groups everywhere filled with a wide variety of mentors and counselors who can help people stay on track during their recovery. Addiction is a cycle and people can remain clean with the support of those around them. A religious community can provide the push that is necessary to break the vicious cycle and remain clean forever. In a spiritual community, faith is an added tool that people can use to resist the temptation of addiction.

Renaissance Recovery Center is a Faith Based Rehab Program in Gilbert, AZ

Renaissance Recovery is waiting to help you and your loved ones. Our outpatient recovery program is inclusive and effective. It is our goal to help every individual struggling with the destructive disease of addiction to get the treatment needed for a full and lasting recovery.  Even if our recovery program in Gilbert, AZ  isn’t  right for you, we will use our vast network of resources to find a program that best meets your needs. Contact us today for a free assessment, and experience the Renaissance Recovery Center difference.

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