Partial hospitalization programs (PHPs) and Day Treatment are a higher level of care than Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs) and are on important stage in the treatment and recovery continuum. Many clients use PHP as a step down following Inpatient or Residential treatment.  Returning to regular life can present challenges to someone in early recovery.  As important as Inpatient treatment can be, the real recovery work happens in the real world.

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Mother and Daughter - Partial Hospitalization Program in Arizona
While a foundation is laid in short-term Residential or Inpatient care, this is where the healing process starts. Many need ongoing therapeutic supports to learn how to apply and incorporate recovery principles into their lives. PHP provides a higher level of outpatient care, helping each person gain the tools and skills necessary for sobriety maintenance and growth.
Conversely, some may not need or may not be able to participate in an Inpatient or Residential programs.  These programs can be expensive, and some cannot afford that level of care.  Other family, work, or other life circumstances do not allow for Inpatient are.  PHP allows people to live at home while supplying more intensive support for their mental health, emotional, relationship, social, and recovery needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Partial Hospitalization Programs

Partial hospitalization is a common treatment option when it comes to drug and alcohol rehab in the state of Arizona. In many cases, those who are recovering from addiction will use partial hospitalization day treatment as a stepping stone between the inpatient and outpatient treatment worlds. In other cases, someone might use partial hospitalization day treatment as an alternative to inpatient treatment. Regardless of the reason, the goal of partial hospitalization day treatment is to provide someone with the resources that he or she needs to remain free from addiction in the outside world.
In partial hospitalization day treatment, individuals are usually present at the program for all waking hours of the day. While people in partial hospitalization day treatment will go home to sleep, they spend the vast majority of their time at drug and alcohol treatment centers. The goal is to provide people who are struggling with addiction with access to treatment of all kinds.
At a partial hospitalization day treatment programs, rehab centers will tailor the treatment plan to meet the needs of the patient. This means that some patients might receive treatment for four to six hours per day while others might receive ten or more hours of treatment in a day. At a partial hospitalization day treatment center, most patients are present at the treatment location for almost all waking hours of the day.
At a partial hospitalization day treatment center, the length of treatment varies with the needs of the patient. Some people stay there for treatment for a few weeks while mothers might remain in the program for months.
The goals of PHP are to provide participants with the coping mechanisms they need to stay sober. Few people arrive at partial hospitalization day treatment actively intoxicated, as these individuals usually start on the inpatient side. Therefore, the goal of PHP is to make sure that patients can remain sober once they leave the program.
There are numerous benefits that come with PHP. One of the biggest benefits is that participants will have the opportunity to interact regularly with medical and behavioral health personnel. These are trained professionals who can tailor the treatment plan to meet the needs of the patient. Both individual and group therapy will be used at partial hospitalization day treatment. Finally, this is also an affordable treatment option that usually costs less than a residential inpatient facility. Patients have the ability to customize their treatment plans to meet their needs at a partial hospitalization day treatment center.
Health insurance plans will vary widely from patient to patient; however, many insurance plans will cover most of the cost of a partial hospitalization day treatment plan. Anyone with questions or concerns should reach out to their insurance company for clarification. We can help with this as well.

Partial Hospitalization Program in Arizona

Program hours: Monday -Friday: 9am-2pm
Includes: Group therapy, individual, and family therapy.

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