Support Group - Daytime Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) Group
Addiction is a challenging disease to treat; however, thanks to an increased focus on the prevalence of addiction in society, there are numerous treatment options. Those who are suffering from addiction to drugs and alcohol might benefit from an intensive outpatient program in the Gilbert, AZ area. An intensive outpatient program has several benefits that make it an attractive treatment option for many people. Take a look at the daytime IOP group Gilbert and its variety of benefits.

We are here to provide a caring, non-judgmental environment in which everyone is able to share, recover, and heal.

What is an IOP Group?

An intensive outpatient program (often abbreviated to IOP) is a primary treatment program that can be recommended for individuals who are recovering from an addiction to alcohol or drugs. Some individuals who are leaving an inpatient treatment program might transition first to an IOP group to continue their therapy in a less stringent setting. Others might start with an IOP group as their primary mode of therapy. An IOP group is designed to accommodate the obligations of work and family life while still providing an intensive program that focuses on helping people recover from their addiction. A strong IOP group will provide a sturdy foundation upon which someone can rebuild both their personal and professional life.
In a convenient IOP group, there are two approaches to therapy. First, group therapy is a major component of an IOP group. These groups are typically 10 people or less which promotes a safe environment where people can share. In the other aspect, patients still have an individual therapist that they meet with on a regular basis. This allows patients to continue to focus on their individual addiction and their personal road to recovery.

The Benefits of IOP Group Therapy

There are two major benefits that come with enrolling in an intensive outpatient program. First, the treatment is focused on someone's drug or alcohol addiction. The therapy is significant, allowing someone to focus on the root of their problem to break their addiction for good. In this sense, the focus on addiction is similar to many inpatient programs.
On the other hand, the program is still completed on an outpatient basis. Therefore, people are still able to focus on their work or family life outside of the program. This makes the program great for people who work in the evening, those who might be currently unemployed, or even kids and college students who have educational obligations. The flexibility is great for people of all types of backgrounds.

Daytime Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) in Gilbert, Arizona

Daytime intensive outpatient programs are a great way for many people to continue their treatment and recovery from addiction. Renaissance Recovery Center is a top-notch drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in Arizona. We have been serving the citizens of Gilbert from the first day we opened our doors. We are a comprehensive outpatient addiction treatment program with numerous resources including a 12-step program, a gospel-centered focus, and even medication-assisted addiction treatment options. Our goal is to promote healing and wellness for individuals and families as they break their addiction. We are here to provide a caring, non-judgmental environment in which everyone is able to share, recover, and heal. To learn more about our daytime intensive outpatient program, call us today at 480-526-7738.

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