Lady in Counseling at Inpatient Detoxification Program in Detoxification Center Facility for Drug and Alcohol in Arizona.For many substance abuse patients, Detox is an essential first step in the recovery process. It can also be the most difficult. While we don’t offer detoxification services in house, Renaissance Recovery Center utilizes a vast network of addiction treatment professionals to match any patient with a detox program that will work for them.  We recognize the challenge that detox can present our patients, and we’re ready to provide referrals for detox programs that minimize discomfort and ensure safety.

We can refer patients to detox programs dealing primarily  with, though not limited to:

Alcohol Detoxification Information in Arizona

Alcohol dependent patients face potentially hazardous, and sometimes fatal conditions when quitting. Detox is an invaluable asset for any alcohol-dependent patient, especially if they have been intoxicated daily for an extended period of time. The high levels of intoxication typically found in alcohol-dependent patients can be a huge roadblock to the recovery process. We’re here to remove those roadblocks by whatever means necessary, including connecting our patients with an alcohol detox program that is both well mitigated and clinically successful.

Opiate Detoxification Information in Arizona

When a patient ceases opiate use and begins treatment, it's important that the immediate bodily effects are carefully treated and the toxins that opiates have left behind are carefully removed. For most patients, detox is the best way to ensure that this takes place early and safely. While we can’t guarantee complete removal of all discomfort and withdrawal symptoms during the detox process, we can guarantee great options and recommendations for a detox program that will be as comfortable and safe as possible.

Benzodiazepine Detoxification Information in Arizona

Though frequently prescribed by physicians (most commonly as Valium and Ambien), benzos are highly addictive, with a wide variety of dangerous withdrawal symptoms. Depending on the prescription and frequency of use, withdrawal symptoms can vary greatly from patient to patient, and require close, individual attention. We will counsel closely with the patient to make sure that their individual physical needs are met in their detox program of choice.

Vivitrol/Suboxone Treatment Information in Arizona

Vivitrol and Suboxone are synthetic opiates often used in detoxification and rehabilitation for opiate addictions. These synthetic opiates satisfy the body’s craving for the drug without administering the high. When a patient is under the care of a physician and has been prescribed Vivitrol or Suboxone as a safe way to manage cravings and withdrawals, we monitor their treatment closely to ensure that the patient is using their prescribed medications properly, not overusing or developing a crippling dependency, and provide the mental and emotional counseling necessary to temper Vivitrol/Suboxone treatment with constructive healing.

Frequently Asked Questions About Drug Detox and Alcohol Detoxification

The duration of an alcohol or drug detox can vary depending on several factors, such as the type of detox you choose and your body's needs. However, on average, a detox process typically lasts anywhere from a few days to several weeks.

A short-term detox program, lasting around 3-7 days, can provide a quick reset for your body. During this time, you'll be focusing on eliminating processed foods, sugar, caffeine, and alcohol from your diet. By doing so, you'll give your digestive system a break and allow your body to flush out toxins more efficiently.

For those seeking a more comprehensive detox, a longer program ranging from 2-4 weeks may be recommended. This extended period allows for a deeper cleanse and can address specific health concerns or habits you wish to change. During this time, you'll follow a strict diet plan, incorporate exercise, and potentially use supplements or herbs to support the detoxification process.

While drug detox can be challenging, it's important to remember that it is a necessary step towards recovery.

During drug detox, the body goes through a process of removing toxins and adjusting to functioning without the substance. This can lead to various physical and psychological symptoms, which can be very uncomfortable. However, with the right support and medical supervision, the pain and discomfort can be managed effectively.

It is crucial to seek professional help for drug detox to ensure the safety and well-being of your loved one. Medical professionals specializing in addiction treatment can provide a range of interventions to alleviate the discomfort. They may use medications to reduce withdrawal symptoms, provide emotional support, and create a safe environment for detoxification.

Don't let fear or uncertainty prevent you from taking action. Reach out to Renaissance Recovery Center's addiction treatment professionals today to discuss your options and start your loved one on their journey to recovery.

Drug detoxification can be a highly successful and life-changing process for individuals struggling with addiction. It is the first crucial step towards recovery and sets the foundation for a healthier and drug-free future.

The success of drug detox depends on various factors, such as the type and severity of addiction, the length of drug use, underlying mental health conditions, and the individual's commitment to recovery. However, when conducted under professional guidance and in a supportive environment, drug detox has proven to be highly effective in helping individuals overcome addiction.

It is essential to note that drug detox alone may not be sufficient for long-term recovery. Addiction is a complex disease that often requires ongoing treatment and support beyond the detox process.

Renaissance Recovery Center is not a detox facility. We do not provide medical detoxification but do have relationships with many local alcohol and drug detox centers near Phoenix, Arizona.

If you would like help with a referral for alcohol or drug detoxification in Arizona or have questions about our Outpatient Drug Addiction Treatment and Alcohol Abuse Therapy, call the Renaissance Recovery Center in Gilbert, Arizona 24/7.

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