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12-Step Recovery Program at Renaissance Ranch Ogden: Overcoming Guilt and Shame

Guilt and shame are two powerful emotions that often accompany addiction. They can be overwhelming and paralyzing, making it difficult for individuals to seek help and begin their journey to recovery. At Renaissance Ranch Ogden, we understand the importance of addressing these emotions as part of a comprehensive addiction treatment plan. 

Benefits of Drug Detox in Gilbert, Arizona: A Fresh Start for Summer

As summer approaches, many of us are looking for ways to cleanse our bodies and minds, preparing for the warmer months ahead. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is through a drug detox. 

In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of drug detox in Gilbert, Arizona, and how it can help you or a loved one start anew this summer.

Choosing the Right Arizona Rehab for Addiction

As the month of May brings warmer weather and a renewed sense of motivation, it's the perfect time to take control of your life and seek help for your addiction struggles. With so many Arizona rehabs for addiction to choose from, it's crucial to find the right one that caters to your unique needs and sets you on the path to a successful recovery. 

Discover top Arizona drug rehab options for a fresh start this May. Explore residential centers, outpatient programs, and specialized facilities for the best fit.

As we welcome the beautiful month of May, it's the perfect time for a fresh start. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, seeking help from an Arizona drug rehab center can be the life-changing decision you need. In this guide, we'll explore various rehabilitation options in Arizona to help you make an informed choice and begin your journey towards recovery.

As the flowers bloom and the days grow longer, spring is a time of renewal and growth. For those struggling with addiction, it can be a season of reflection and hope. If you or someone you love is seeking help for substance abuse issues, faith-based drug rehabs can provide a unique approach to healing. In this blog post, we'll explore the power of faith-based drug rehabs in Gilbert, Arizona, and how they can help you embrace recovery this spring.

In the 2021 NSDUH survey, 49.3% of full-time college students from ages 18­ to 22 reported drinking alcohol in the previous month. Around 27.4% reported binge drinking within the past month. College drinking is considered by many students as a rite of passage. Many others see it as just a typical feature of social life for young people more generally. Of course, there is a darker side to binge drinking by students. The hazards of habitual binge drinking often lead to severe lifelong consequences. When such a situation develops for a young person, alcohol addiction treatment may be needed.

Contact Renaissance Recovery Center for information about overcoming alcohol addiction for young adults.

U.S. College Drinking Statistics

Many students may not make the connection between alcohol abuse and binge drinking. The latter may seem like a normal and harmless part of the college experience. But, here are some eye-opening statistics reportedly associated with college drinking in the United States:

  • In 2019, nearly 1 in 10 full-time college students had alcohol use disorder (AUD).
  • Nearly 700,000 students from ages 18 to 24 are assaulted each year by other students who have been drinking.
  • About 1 in 5 female students are sexually assaulted during their college years and most of the attacks involve alcohol or a drug.

Why Do College Students Binge Drink?

The majority of college drinking is social and is considered, overall, to be just a part of college culture. But, more concerning habits of binge drinking involve a desire for some form of mental or emotional relief, such as to curb anxiety. In those cases, binge drinking is more likely to lead to more serious and lasting consequences. Those can include the development of alcohol addiction requiring AUD rehab treatment. 

Among the most common reasons college students drink are: 

  • Coping mechanism
  • Mood enhancement
  • Anxiety relief
  • Tension relief
  • Relieve academic pressures
  • Relieve the pressures of daily living
  • Reduce stress
  • Relieve inhibitions
  • Feel more comfortable in social settings
  • Experiencing pushing boundaries
  • To fit in with peers
  • Changeup their current routine
  • Social camaraderie

What is Considered Binge Drinking, and What is AUD?

These definitions clarify the difference between binge drinking and alcohol use disorder

Binge drinking: This is a drinking pattern in which a person continues drinking and his or her blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is 0.08%. That usually takes about 5 drinks within two hours for men and about 4 drinks in that timeframe for women. 

Problem drinking: Binge drinking or other habitual drinking becomes problematic if it is negatively impacting the individual at work, home, socially, emotionally, or physically. AUD is understood as a brain disease that can range from moderate to very serious, even fatal. If the habit has advanced from casual drinking to an inability to control or stop drinking, the person has developed AUD.

Frequently Asked Questions About Binge Drinking and AUD

How much alcohol is binge drinking? 

Binge drinking is defined by a pattern of activity more than by the amount of alcohol a person drinks at a given time. It’s a pattern of continuing to drink while the BAC is 0.08%. 

Is binge drinking alcohol abuse? 

Yes, drinking excessively is abusing alcohol. 

Does binge drinking make you an alcoholic? 

No. Binge drinking is narrowly defined as a pattern of continuing to drink, while the BAC is 0.08%. But, binge drinking can lead to alcoholism.

Taking Back Your Life – Renaissance Recovery Center

You do not have to try to overcome AUD alone or feel helpless in your struggle to regain control of your life. Our experienced team of alcohol addiction treatment specialists knows how to help you through the process of recovery from AUD. Keep in mind — we're here for you 24/7.

Call Renaissance Recovery Center at (480) 526-7738, or reach us here online for help with a rehab program combining therapeutic medication and talk therapy.

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What Happens When You Mix Drugs and Alcohol - Treatment Center in Arizona

What happens when you mix drugs and alcohol?

Alcohol and drugs used together often lead to the need for emergency medical treatment. Both illicit street drugs and prescription drugs, especially pain medications and stimulants, are widely used with alcohol in the United States. There are health and safety risks in abusing just alcohol or a strong drug without mixing the two. But combining alcohol and drug use can be dangerous. Even some drugs that may seem harmless when taken with alcohol can lead to serious health consequences, even death.

Drug & Alcohol Outpatient Treatment Programs And Services in Arizona -

If someone close to you is struggling with alcohol addiction, you may be worried about how to talk to him or her or you may feel like there’s nothing you can do. But, there are ways to be effective helping an alcoholic. Here is some guidance on how to help an alcoholic stop drinking, with emphasis on ways to talk to someone with an alcohol-use disorder (AUD) about getting professional treatment for the addiction.

Signs and Symptoms of Drug Use - Teens Using Drugs

The effects of drug abuse on the life of the user can be devastating. If you are worried about a peer or family member declining due to substance abuse, it can help to know the signs of drug use. Recognizing a likely case of drug abuse may help someone who is heading toward addiction. When the physical and behavioral signs of drug use are overlooked, drug abusers can end up in very serious situations. Those can include financial ruin, illegal activities, legal problems, driving while under the influence, job loss, failing in school, and other bad outcomes.

How to Recognize Warning Signs of Drug Use

General signs of drug abuse are common across most forms of drug abuse. People who are exhibiting one or more signs in one or more of these observable areas of their persona may be abusing drugs. Signs that drug users tend to have in common include:

  • Behavioral changes
  • Physical changes
  • Cognitive changes
  • Psychosocial changes


Depressants, including prescription drugs, are often misused by people to self-medicate in attempts to control depression, grief, feelings of guilt, or cope with external circumstances. Examples of frequently abused stimulant drugs include Vicodin, GBH, Xanax, Valium, and many others. Signs of using drugs, including depressant drugs, may include:

  • Poor concentration
  • Pupils contracted
  • Seeming intoxicated
  • Poor balance
  • Poor judgment
  • Speech slurred
  • Excessive sleep


Stimulant drugs are commonly used to produce an exaggerated sense of happiness and excitement. Examples of frequently abused stimulant drugs include cocaine, amphetamines, and others. Key signs that can help you recognize signs of stimulant drug use may include:

  • Hyperactive
  • Euphoric
  • Pupils dilated
  • Irritable
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Lack of appetite
  • Excessive weight loss
  • Dry mouth and nose
  • Anxiety


Examples of popular hallucinogenic drugs include LSD, PCP, THC, and others. Key signs that can help you recognize abuse of stimulant drugs may include:

  • Confusion
  • Aggression
  • Dilated pupils
  • Hallucinations
  • Slurred speech
  • Paranoia
  • Mood swings


Marijuana stays in the body for a relatively long time. Recognizing these signs of marijuana abuse can help you be aware of times when someone at work, school, or home may be under the influence:

  • Lethargy
  • Lack of coordination
  • Memory impairment
  • Inability to focus
  • Weakened sensory perceptions
  • Slowed reaction time
  • Poor decision-making
  • Loss of interest in activities
  • Withdrawal and self-isolation


The majority of emergency room visits involving illicit drug misuse are due to cocaine use (reportedly about 40%), Key signs that can help you recognize cocaine abuse may include:

  • Hyperactive
  • Pupils dilated
  • Mood swings
  • Social self-isolation
  • Reckless behaviors
  • Nose running
  • Nosebleeds
  • Talkativeness
  • Sleep changes
  • Loss of appetite


Heroin and other opioid drugs are very popular street drugs for recreational use. Key signs that can help you recognize heroin abuse may include:

  • Pupils contracted
  • Pupils nonresponsive to light
  • Coughing and/or sinus problem
  • Needle marks on the body
  • Sweating
  • Sleeping at odd times
  • Vomiting
  • Twitching
  • Loss of appetite

Common Signs of Most Types of Illicit Drug Abuse

You may have noticed that some or all of the drug classes and individual drugs listed above share some behavioral and physical signs of drug use in common. These are some of the most common signs of substance abuse that are common to misuse of drugs across various drug types:

  • Declining personal hygiene
  • Risky or reckless behavior
  • Poor performance at school or work
  • Glassy or bloodshot eyes
  • Poor physical coordination
  • Poor concentration
  • Delayed reactions
  • Making poor decisions
  • Lying or hiding personal information
  • Excessive unexplained absences

Drug Addiction Treatment – Renaissance Recovery Center

Renaissance provides state-of-the-art personalized outpatient treatment for substance use disorder (SUD). We offer rehab programs for adults who are struggling SUD and those with the co-occurring disorders of drug addiction and mental illness. Our therapeutic strategies help our clients overcome self-defeating habits in thinking and behaviors. We help people improve their physical and mental health and strengthen the particular skills and abilities needed to live free from drug dependency.

For more information on the signs and symptoms of drug use and treatment for SUD, call Renaissance Recovery Center at (480) 526-7738, or contact us here online!

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Growing up with an alcoholic father can be a very confusing, frightening, and sorrowful experience for children. There are many potential negative effects on children’s mental, emotional, and physical health from living with an alcoholic parent. Here is some essential information about the shocking impacts on children from living with an alcoholic father.

Effects of an Alcoholic Father On a Child

Being raised in a home with an alcoholic father can adversely impact children in many ways. (The effects of alcohol on children in cases of alcoholic mothers can be even more profound.) For example, children of alcoholic parents can experience:

  • Increasing and continuing emotional difficulties
  • Problems coping, for example:
    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • Difficulty connecting with people
    • Confusion
    • Embarrassment
    • Anger
  • Behavioral issues, for example:
    • Social withdrawal
    • Truancy
    • Substance abuse
    • Stealing
    • Violent behavior
    • Suicidal behavior
  • Frequent physical symptoms, such as:
    • Headaches
    • Stomach aches
  • Increased premature mortality:
    • Suicide
    • Violent death

Are Alcohol Abusers Likely to Abandon or Abuse Children?

Data indicates that alcohol abuse can damage a person’s brain, behavior, and relationships. There may be a higher probability of physical abuse or neglect, or sexual abuse. Alcoholics may repeatedly abandon their families, causing children repeated suffering throughout their formative years. For kids with alcoholic parents, the home may be disorganized or chaotic, creating an environment of instability, insecurity, neglect, violence, physical abuse, and exposure to incidents of abuse or violence inflicted on other family members.

Lasting Effects on Adult Children of Alcoholic Fathers

If you have looked back on growing up as a child with an alcoholic father, you may still suffer the serious impacts of that experience. You may recognize the effects that those early years have had on your life. Perhaps you have continuing psychological or emotional problems that are linked to your childhood circumstances. A first step to healing is to recognize that some effects that an alcoholic father can have on your life do not necessarily stop after childhood.

Adult children of alcoholic fathers can struggle with ongoing social and emotional problems. For example, anxiety, low self-esteem, resentment, communication difficulties, relationship problems, anger, and others. Alcoholism in a parent may account for a genetic component that amounts to about half of a person’s risk for alcohol addiction.

Getting Help Healing from the Effects of an Alcoholic Parent

If you think you may be experiencing symptoms of mental or emotional effects from your childhood with an alcoholic parent, discuss your concerns with a professional. You and your loved ones may benefit significantly from your choice to get the right kind of help to overcome the often lasting severe effects on children in that situation.

Resources for Children of Alcoholic Parent

There are nationwide resources for children of alcoholic parents, including these, among numerous others:

  • National Association for Children of Addiction
  • Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACA)/Dysfunctional Families
  • The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
  • Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline 1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453)

Best Alcohol Treatment – Renaissance Recovery Center, Gilbert AZ

Renaissance Recovery Center provides a free assessment for adult children of alcoholic parents who may be suffering from mental health effects from that early experience. Or, if you believe that you have developed an alcohol addiction, don’t wait. Call us for help today. Our team of professionals works with adults affected by childhood with an alcoholic parent to identify and overcome the often life-long impact of living in extreme conditions through their formative years.

For information on treatment for anxiety, depression, and other conditions, Renaissance Recovery Center at (480) 526-7738, or contact us here online today!

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What Our Clients are Saying

The group at RRC is outstanding. You will learn to access a solution to fix things in your life that feel upside down. Steve and the rest of the crew are dynamic in helping you steer the ship in the right direction. Sail on my bros!
John Durkin
John Durkin
02:38 26 May 23
Renaissance is a game changer!! It was the greatest move I have ever made. At 53 years old and lifetime of abuse I was sure nothing would change me; I thought my situation was unique. I started IOP with an open mind and as I grew more and more my life started to get clearer. I have over 10 months now and going strong. Renaissance saved my life and gave me hope. Thank you!~James R
James Ronzoni
James Ronzoni
22:23 27 Jan 23
These folks seriously do the lords work. I've been to a few treatment places, and none made me actually convinced that the staff cared about me the way Rennisance did. They helped me stay safe, they are there any time you need to call, the facility is open and designed to just use as a hang out spot outside of sessions. Pool table and everything! I learned most of my strongest recovery tools here. I've got 11 months and some change of sobriety now, and I owe so much of that to Rennisance.
laurel oxenborg
laurel oxenborg
06:34 25 Jan 23
Steve brown is a WEALTH of knowledge… having personally dealt with both addiction to substances AND mental illness. We have looked into many resources and feel that Steve has a greater understanding than any other resources we have found. He is incredibly generous with his time and truly is in this work to heal and help those struggling with addiction. Is a heaven sent that we found him and the resources offered at renascence ranch AZ.
Stephanie Eastman
Stephanie Eastman
23:02 17 Nov 22
Renaissance Recovery is an empathetic, loving, supportive, realistic and holistic breath of fresh air in the valley's recovery community. Each employee that works there has your success and support as their number one goal. For those looking for hope, answers and solutions there is no finer establishment. I have witnessed absolute miracles happen in the rooms at Renaissance. Don't over think it.......give them a call! 🙏
Craig Owens
Craig Owens
21:03 14 Oct 22
As a treatment provider, I’ve been aware of Renaissance Recovery Center for many years. I know Steve both personally and have worked with him professionally. I would highly recommend this program to anyone needing help with substance use challenges. Renaissance is caring, compassionate, and committed to providing the highest level of treatment. The team is experienced and uniquely skilled. They will always put the needs of each person first. If I need to make a referral in the Phoenix area, Renaissance is at the top of my list. If you need help, don’t hesitate to call Steve. Renaissance Recovery Center does it the right way.
Mike Brown
Mike Brown
00:54 13 Oct 22
Steve is an absolutely remarkable guy! I felt I got more benefit after a 30 minute assessment than I have from other providers in a very long time. His foundation is clearly built upon the genuine care and concern for those he serves, and his understanding and support for those in recovery is beyond reproach. Thank you!
Stephen Connolly
Stephen Connolly
19:22 17 May 22
Having known Steve Brown for many years, and seeing his dedication to the service of those struggling with addiction and life disruptions, I know he and his team are dedicated to helping anyone searching to move from difficult times towards a more inspired and purposeful future. This is a place to re-design your future!
Bruce H Jackson
Bruce H Jackson
18:36 15 May 22
There are 2 kinds of life savers. Those lil circular mints and renaissance recovery center. One freshens your breath, the other freshens every aspect of your life!! Everything about this place is top notch. From the facilities where groups are held, down to couches in the lobby and everything in between. There are no words for how incredible the staff is. From the first intake call on the phone down to your last graduation ceremony where not only the whole staff from RRC comes to support you, but the lifelong friends you make throughout your journey. I’ve done my fair share of treatment programs. This one tops them all. With that being said, I WILL NEVER BE BACK…as a client!! But you can bet your circular mint chewin’ beehind that I’ll be back every week for the alumni meeting!! Let’s get. Renaissance on 3!1…2…3!RENAISSANCE!!!!!
Sean Hornbeck
Sean Hornbeck
01:31 11 May 22
Steve Brown with Renaissance Recovery has been so incredibly helpful and caring in my husband's recovery. He has helped me by being an empathetic ear and a guide for all we were dealing with. I cannot express in words the positive impact he has had on our life and how grateful I am for him. If you or a loved one is in need of help, please contact Renaissance Recovery.
tana smith
tana smith
17:47 07 Feb 22
I have been in touch with Steve for a few months now. All I can say is that if you or a loved one are struggling with addiction there are people who will understand you, and when I called this place for the first time I finally felt understood. Addiction is complex and if you have concerns, one phone call can change your life. Start having a conversation. Don’t suffer in silence. Educate yourself about addiction and all it’s complexities. It starts with you and this place will help you.
Erin Ware
Erin Ware
17:30 07 Feb 22
Absolutely hands down the epitome model of what real caring for individuals with addiction looks like. This is not a run of the mill experience with just a clinical look but with a deep understanding of addiction and what recovery looks like. Caring, compassionate, highly effective program that comes with support that is above and beyond after graduation.
Paola Palacios
Paola Palacios
20:57 17 Dec 21
It is seldom that in a hard time you think you will gain from the experience, but because of this phenomenal center that is exactly what I got. Learned so much about myself as well as learned I’m not alone in my struggles. I made lifelong friends that walk beside me through it all and I with them. The staff is beyond compare! They’re there for you through thick and thin. They honestly and truly care with love understanding and respect. Zero guilt pushed just genuine looking out. So happy I chose this path with these amazing people.
Joshua Kelben
Joshua Kelben
16:40 16 Dec 21
Highly recommend!! 5 stars!!! Great staff who took the time to get to know me. They have a lot of experience in this field and have first hand experience with what I was going through. IOP is outstanding and really built up a ton of great relationships and found this program to be a ‘breath of fresh air’. They got a lot of love and empathy and will always go the extra mile to help their clients!When I first called Renassaince Recovery to ask some questions, someone locally answered and spent time with me just talking. No big admissions call center! I knew this was place for me after that first call!I encourage anyone reading this, if you think you have a problem and need help Renaissance Recovery is a safe place and will change your life! Their program works… if you make the decision and take suggestions.
17:02 24 Jul 21
I want to say thank you so so much to Steve. Thank you doesn’t truly express my gratitude. I called Renaissance as a broken-hearted grandmother to my grandson. We just found out at 22 years old he has Alcoholic Hepatitis. We had no idea he was even drinking. Steve calmed me down where I felt cared about and understood. I am so grateful that I have hope for a complete recovery for my precious grandson. Thank you and may God continue to Bless you and your staff.A Crenshaw
World Marketing Group
World Marketing Group
17:20 09 Jul 21
I was introduced to Renaissance Recovery Center in June of 2020 when my husband decided to join their IOP program. As a spouse of someone who has battled addiction of all sorts for our entire 18yr relationship, I was not very convinced that this program would change anything but he was so sure this was where he needed to be so I agreed to it. I am so thankful that I chose to support my husband and his decision to partake in this program because it completely changed our life for the better. For the first time since we were 18yrs old, I finally saw the man I fell in love with coming back to life. This program, Steve, Dan, Lindsay, Nils and many of the men that my husband met in this group truly saved his life and our family. Ryan just celebrated 8months sober from everything and on 2/17/21 he celebrates 1 yr sober from opiates ( which was his achilles heel) Renaissance took the time to invest in Ryan and Ryan gave his all to Renaissance and the outcome of this relationship is one that changed his course in life for the better. Ryan finally got down to the core of why he did things that he did and learned how to cope in different ways which led him back to a much stronger relationship with God and a core group of men that he continues to grow with and support throughout their individual recoveries. I am forever grateful to Steve and Lindsay especially as they played such a HUGE ROLE in helping Ryan deal with all his trauma and addiction. If you or someone you love struggles with addiction, I highly recommend Renaissance!! I have never seen anyone more genuine in their calling to help others as what Steve and his team are to the individuals in their programs. Thank you for saving my family and showing Ryan what it means to LIVE a full and meaningful life outside of addiction.
Ashley Wisniewski
Ashley Wisniewski
16:23 16 Feb 21
"Sick and tired of being sick and tired". "Wanna get clean and sober but don't know how". These were my thoughts to myself before coming to Renaissance in June of 2020. Renaissance was literally a God-Send for me and my family. I had struggled with addiction(s) for almost 20 years and it was destroying my life. I did a lot of research about different programs but ALWAYS kept coming back to Renaissance for some reason. After my initial call with Steve I understood why right away. The team is truly one of a kind and the family atmosphere is felt right away. Steve, Lindsay, Dan, Chad, and Nils all will forever have an impact on my life. The thoughtfulness, caring, genuine emotional support, and knowledge that they provided and gave to me is exactly what I was looking for in a program. Words can't express what their program did for me and the gift of recovery/sobriety that they helped me gain for the 1st time in almost 20 years. I will always be in recovery and with their help and support I have a GREAT foundation and tools to work with to continue what they started from here on out. From the bottom of my heart (My wife and soon to be 4 boys hearts) I/we say THANK YOU for helping me get my life back and so much more!!Ryan Wisniewski
Ryan Wisniewski
Ryan Wisniewski
21:05 04 Feb 21
I came to Renaissance bruised and battered by my own doing. Monday, January 4, 2021 is my last day of IOP. I now look back and see how different of a person I am. This is thanks to Chad, Dan, Steve, and Nils (and team). These men are the epitome of compassion, passion, and love (true Agape). I bonded with each and every one of them as they work tirelessly to help bring recovery and peace to us all. I have met amazing brothers in this program. I will never forget speaking to Steve on the morning of September 8, 2020. He immediately took me in as one of his own (he called me "brother", which had such a profound impact on my soul). I could feel his love and I knew immediately that this was my message from God (whom I was without for many years). I look forward to being in the aftercare program. I feel as though these gentlemen are an extension of my family. I am forever grateful for everything they have taught me and for helping me to become the better man I am today.
Pod Luthier
Pod Luthier
18:20 31 Dec 20
At first I was hesitant to start recovery because I didn’t feel my addiction was as severe and I thought I could overcome Alcoholism on my own. Once I started with Renaissance I immediately felt surrounded by people who genuinely cared about me as a person and wanted to help me along my journey to recovery. I quickly realized that this was the right place to receive the help I needed to recover and that I couldn’t do it on my own. They gave me the necessary support and helped me realize that I couldn’t overcome my addiction by myself. They allowed me to dig deep into what would trigger me to drink and helped me to understand more about myself and the reasons I was drinking. I felt educated about this disease and it made me realize I wasn’t alone in my recovery. I feel like a new person and it gave me power and confidence to move on and be myself again. Steve and Chad helped me to open up and admit that I needed to do this for myself and I couldn’t do it for others. During group meetings I felt comfortable and connected to other people going through the similar situations. It enabled me to express my struggles and feelings about this addiction that I had never shared with anyone. Before coming to Renaissance Recovery, I did not open up or trust people as I do now and it has allowed me to build closer relationships with family and friends. I would highly recommend the Renaissance team because they truly provide an individualized experience and care about every person that comes through their door.
James Dangelo
James Dangelo
18:12 27 Jul 20
Renaissance is an incredible establishment!! Every single counselor will get to know you, and help you with your own personal struggles. I’ve never met more caring people in any other recovery program. This is the first time that I have truly been confident in my recovery and have began to understand the process! Almost one year sober and the counselors still check in on me! I can’t say thank you enough to Steve, Lindsay, Dan, and Chad! You guys are amazing!!
Jamie Morgan
Jamie Morgan
00:29 24 Jul 20
A very professional and experienced staff with many years in the Addiction business. They focus on the solutions for their clients, approaching each on an individual basis with individual treatment plans. Their staff truly CARES about everyone that they work with. I would highly recommend this facility for anyone that is truly seeking sobriety.
HR Brown
HR Brown
21:02 02 Mar 20
I have worked for several other treatment providers and renaissance by far is the best treatment facility and is my forever home. I chased this job for years and am glad to be part of such an amazing team.
Chad Metz
Chad Metz
05:41 28 Feb 20
Fundamental to my recovery are qualified counselors especially Steve Brown and treatment centers as effective Renaissance Recovery Center. I am in long term recovery through your efforts!
Nils Johansson
Nils Johansson
16:44 17 Dec 19
Finding Renaissance Recovery Center was a Godsend for our family! My daughter was in a safe and supportive environment that helped her succeed in her recovery. The staff are amazing...Chad, Lindsay and Steve, I can't say enough about about what they do. They're a Family, and they treat not only their clients as family but all the rest of us that are involved and going through this our loved ones!!
Nani Pickell
Nani Pickell
02:23 14 Nov 19
I would highly recommend Renissance! It’s a family that you never knew you had or needed. They saved my life and I am forever grateful.
Dominique Hylton
Dominique Hylton
04:00 04 Sep 19
Exactly what I dreamed for in my life to get me off the path of destruction when I was in desperate need for help, where I thought no one would be able to help me no friends or family could talk me out of my stubbornness to have drugs or alcohol be the resort to fix my problems. I had to be all in when I got to renaissance to want to get better and 9 months later I still believe it to be the greatest blessing in my 19 years of life, the structure the counselors with big hearts but most importantly the people is what made it great my higher power was the group not God but seeing the love at renaissance of staying connected and keeping each others heads up made me glad that Jesus was with us in our time of trouble seeing a man barely holding on about to fall with not just tears but another hurt alcoholic and drug addict on each side keeping him standing and head straight while also hugging to make sure he knows he's not alone, that man I like to believe was an angel and his hurt brothers and sisters was his wings to not only keep him from falling but soon be able to stand on his own.
Dallas Brower
Dallas Brower
07:47 19 May 19
Renaissance Recovery Center has been a gift for me personally and professionally! There is no other place I would recommend to receive the love, compassion and understanding I experienced while here! Everyone has been a resource for recovery and all understand what addiction truly is! I cannot thank Renaissance Recovery Center, Lindsay and Dan, but especially Steve Brown for the tools to change my life in ways I could not imagine before meeting them. I am truly grateful to God for placing them in my life! Words cannot express how my life has remarkably changed from a seemingly hopeless state of body and mind!Dr. Black
Seth Black
Seth Black
18:04 03 Apr 19
When life became unmanageable, I reached out to Renaissance Recovery and was astonished at the amazing professionalism, attention to detail, great education, and overall quality of service and care. They really do care and have a dynamic I haven't found at several other facilities I've tried. Reaching out for help is the the hardest part. They made it easy and the rest fell into place.Steve, Lindsey, Dan, and Chad are what make this program work. Head and shoulders above the rest. It's changed my life for the better and given me quilty of life that other places didn't deliver. It is always the first place I talk about (really brag about) and recommend if someone is suffering from this terrible affliction of chemical dependency.If you need help and are struggling with addiction... Look no further. 12 step based recovery with one on one and group therapy. It was the best thing I ever did for me and my family. I'm now enjoying a new sober life I never thought possible. Thank you Renaissance for what you do. The place was a Godsend. Eternally grateful. Best luck and be well.
Charles Lyons
Charles Lyons
04:09 11 Mar 19
Five years ago I had the opportunity to meet Steve Brown, the owner of Renaissance Recovery. At the time, I was working with a physician who treated dependency with medication, but realized his patients also needed skilled counseling and therapy as a part of their recovery plan if they were to succeed in achieving long-term sobriety. He routinely referred his patients to Renaissance Recovery. I have had numerous occasions to observe Steve and his excellent staff as they interact with clients and their families. There is no condemnation or judgement for any client who walks through the door at Renaissance Recovery, only acceptance and empathy.The staff and the beautiful facility promote a therapeutic environment that fosters restoration of the mind, body,and soul. I encourage anyone seeking help for an addiction for themselves or for a loved one to contact Renaissance Recovery. Your call will be welcomed.
Barbara Bontempi
Barbara Bontempi
02:42 05 Mar 19
I am a spouse of someone who has been through Renaissance. This was our first rehab rodeo and hopefully our last! This program is full of counselors who love the individuals who are suffering. Renaissance recognizes that not only the addict is suffering, family and close friends may need support as well.During this time, I found the support I needed through the family group and workshops Renaissance puts together. I cannot say enough good things about this program and the process they encourage for healing as a whole. They want what’s best for those in thier program and their families as well. They offer addiction education and support to family members which helped me better understand my spouse and the process he was going through. They offer an after care program and have continued to show support to our family with therapy referrals and counseling suggestions. Steve Brown and his team listens intently to know the needs of who goes through thier program. I am so thankful the impact Renaissance has had on my husband and also myself by encouraging a healing process for the family members as well. I was extended a hand of support from other struggling family members and the comradery of this program is one that can’t be beat. My husband has left this program with friends he will have forever just like I have. You are not alone and you don’t have to suffer alone!
Farnsworth Farnsworth
Farnsworth Farnsworth
02:18 25 Jan 19
If you are looking for THE place for recovery look no further! These are amazing individuals that have many years helping those who suffer from alcholism and addiction. They are as genuine as they come and I promise you will get the care you need. I've been sober over ten years using this program as a base for my recovery . Steve brown and company continue to touch so many lives and take their profession seriously . You will never regret coming to this special place.
R-Factor LLC
R-Factor LLC
19:27 13 Sep 18
Renaissance Recovery Center has incredible and caring staff who truly want to help you get better. The staff makes you feel comfortable, safe and private.
03:13 26 Jun 18
The dedicated team of professionals at Renaissance Recovery Center are invested in the success of your recovery. They do what they do for the right reasons.
Marcia Dufern
Marcia Dufern
13:21 08 Jun 18
I would absolutely recommend for addiction recovery. The staff is caring, wonderful, and extremely knowledgeable.
Richard Mezzia
Richard Mezzia
12:48 08 Jun 18
My experience with Renaissance Recovery Center was nothing but absolutely wonderful. When I first walked thru the front door, I was greeted by a caring staff. I first met with Dan and knew this was the place for me. Steve and Lindsey provided me with invaluable tools and a mindset to be successful. Renaissance Recovery Center tailored my recovery process to my specific needs which is very important because each person's story and circumstances are different. I have now been sober for over 120 days and I could not have done it without the love and support of the wonderful staff at Renaissance Recovery Center!
Jody Bradshaw
Jody Bradshaw
14:26 10 May 18
I participated in the Intensive Outpatient Program from late September to late December. This program is amazing, run by three people who really know what they're doing! Our group meetings did follow a structure, but there was quite a bit of time for sharing and interacting with peers and staff members. Because of this format, our group became very close. We shared personal thoughts and stories in a very comfortable and responsive setting.The program also includes one-on-one therapy sessions every week, as well as individual help with the first four steps of the 12 step AA program. The combination of treatments and the supportive atmosphere is effective, and leaves many clients wanting more. I am currently enrolled in the aftercare program which meets once a week for two hours. In this group we focus more on strategies for coping and recognizing and diverting signs of relapse in everyday life. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is struggling with addiction.
Kathleen Anderson
Kathleen Anderson
07:49 02 Mar 18
I spoke with Steve he took the time to generously answer all my questions for my loved one, he even met with us on his day off! All without asking for a dime, he is in this for the recovery of people to get their lives back and not trying to sell spots! Don't second guess this is the place for you!
MoniqueFlores Beauty
MoniqueFlores Beauty
16:49 16 Nov 17
I cannot say enough good things about renaissance recovery. They really care and truly love everyone who comes in for help. There is a strong spirit that I felt all the way through my treatment. Highly recomended
Greg Johnson
Greg Johnson
19:52 10 Aug 17
My husband and I have known Steve Brown for several years. We know him to be a wonderful man who has keen insight into the causes of addiction and the steps to recovery. Steve is a man of great integrity who genuinely cares about people and is very willing to help others.
Carolyn Payne
Carolyn Payne
20:20 15 Jul 17
Known some of the staff there for many years. Their commitment and experience in treating addiction is some of the best available. Renaissance's alumni is a powerful group that has helped many of my friends get and stay sober.
Russ Bird
Russ Bird
19:03 14 Jul 17
Personal and individualized care. Gracious and thoughtful staff. The individual sessions were ardent. The group sessions bring a camaraderie and fellowship which instigate everlasting friendships I never thought were possible. A new hope was instilled in me during treatment.
Nick Thompson
Nick Thompson
13:42 13 Jul 17
I manage the Chandler Coalition on Youth Substance Abuse and the Chandler / Gilbert Substance Use & Treatment Task Force. Steve Brown and his team are amazing! Steve is an active member of our Task Force donating time, resources and expertise. Steve and the renaissance team have a unique blending of experience, programs, faith and a love for people. I would say a very safe and empowering environment. It does not take you long to feel how genuine the team is about seeing people healed and set free! I highly recommend the Renaissance Recovery Center!
Ted Huntington
Ted Huntington
22:22 23 Feb 17
I am a therapist and I refer many individuals to this program and I always get wonderful feedback about Steve Brown and this program.
Dan Oakes
Dan Oakes
14:23 06 Feb 17
As a counselor, I often refer clients seeking assistance with addiction recovery to Steven Brown. He does good work and has been instrumental in changing many lives. I appreciate his many years of experience and his expertise in this area. If you are looking for guidance in your recovery, reach out to Renaissance Recovery Center.
Anita Marple
Anita Marple
18:45 01 Feb 17

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