Benefits of the 12 Step Addiction Recovery Model

12 step model

The 12 step addiction recovery model is one of the most common and beneficial recovery programs available for individuals who are striving to recover from addiction. Research has proven that many addicts only half commit to recovering from addiction; however, it has been recorded that if a person can commit to a 12-step recovery program, that their ability to fully recover is much stronger. Here are some of the benefits of that a 12-step addiction recovery program offers for recovering addicts.

It involves group therapy.

The 12-step addiction recovery model takes each addict on an individual journey, but it is also designed to be carried out in a group setting where members can hold one another accountable. This will allow fellow recovering addicts to support one another and offer the insights they glean from their own recoveries. Being able to support one another emotionally at such a difficult time as recovery is essential for a successful recovery.

It offers a step-by-step approach.

As you can likely assume, the 12-step model gives recovering addicts a clear step-by-step approach to follow while battling addiction, making the process of recovery much more approachable for many. Breaking recovery down into multiple steps makes the idea of overcoming addiction much less daunting, and it gives recovering addicts the opportunity the make and meet goals at several points throughout recovery.

It has a spiritual aspect.

For many, one of the most important benefits of the 12 step model is the spiritual aspect that it offers. Recovery from addiction truly does require a holistic approach, and including a spiritual aspect will offer the recovering addict spiritual healing in addition to physical and emotional healing. Furthermore, relying on a higher power can add strength to your recovery and instill a strong sense hope.

It treats recovery as a journey.

Recovery from addiction truly is a journey, and the 12 step model treats it as such. One of the steps, for example, is “making amends,” and recovering addicts come to understand that making amends is never truly done but rather a step you go back to when you have caused harm to a relationship in your life. Treating recovery as a journey rather than as a destination helps recovering addicts to understand that it’s okay to keep trying and to keep working at recovery each and every day.

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