There are a million reasons why a recovered addict may relapse. For some, relapse occurs when harmful relationships continue into sober life. For others, it happens when the addict simply fails to discipline themselves in keeping to their recovery plan. Whatever the cause, stress is usually at the root of it. Indeed, most relapses occur because the recovered addict has not learned how to properly manage stress without the help of substance abuse. At Renaissance Recovery, we do everything we can to prepare our patients for sober life, including learning how to deal with stress.

Everyone Needs Their Own Plan

stress management is important in addiction recoveryWe at Renaissance Recovery understand that each individual requires individual treatment. The same goes for stress management. What may reduce stress for one patient may increase stress for another. That's why we work with each patient in coming up with their own stress management techniques. We provide customized stress management consultation for every client.  Every element of our program is designed to be personal and intimate. Our specialized approach to stress management is based upon closeness, connectedness and community.
Our stress management program includes helping clients deal with stress immediately as well as after their time with us is over. We help our clients implement everything from relaxation techniques (including meditation and prayer) to exercise routines and new hobbies into their new, sober way of life.

Time Management is Stress Management

peace of mind and stress management in recoveryOne of the best ways to successfully deal with stress is to manage your time wisely. We help each client to manage their time wisely and become responsible for a healthy daily routine. Every Renaissance Recovery client has their own intensive schedule that they are responsible for. This allows the client to manage stress through placing themselves in an ordered reality. It also helps them to avoid boredom, which can be a source of stress and relapse in it's own right. Time management is something that no one is perfect at, so we don't expect every client to have mastered it their first day with us. We do guarantee that our ability to work with clients on time management will be a huge help in dealing with stress.

Stress Management Does Not Mean Stress Removal

Though we pride ourselves in our ability to help client's manage stress, we make no claim that our program will remove stress from a person's life. Stress is an inevitable part of life. It's how we deal with it that matters. Our goal is to help each client develop successful coping strategies that don't involve substance abuse or other harmful, addictive behaviors.
At Renaissance Recovery Center, we are committed to helping everyone we meet find the best possible care.  For many, finding the right service or program can be confusing. We will work for you to find the most appropriate resources to meet your needs; whether with us, or through our vast network of providers.