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At the Renaissance Recovery Center we are a Faith-based drug rehabilitation center in Gilbert, AZ that provides a strategic 90-day outpatient program to help heal everyday people and families. We are prepared to help with interventions and help an afflicted loved one get on the road to recovery. We also offer long-term Fellowship and an emphasis on Gospel-center integrity that includes the following.

Personal Integrity: We help people rebuild their internal honesty and open-mindedness. By practicing these aspects of their character, they can gain a willingness to recovery and stay in remission.

Group Integrity: Denial and self-deception are methods addicts use to avoid responsibility and reality. Group therapy discussions allow users to see the impact addiction has on others and helps them look squarely in the mirror.

Staff Integrity: The professionals at Renaissance Recovery Center hold themselves to the highest standards of Faith-based principles and enduring sobriety. Our deeply personal understanding of addiction provides a unique window into our client’s experience and desire to force this illness into remission.


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Drug Addictions We Treat at Renaissance Recover Center in Arizona:

As a Faith-based drug rehabilitation center, we work intimately with a wide range of dependencies that include:

As an established outpatient Gilbert drug rehab facility, our methods focus on long-term solutions and healing from the emotional and psychological wounds of addiction.

Outpatient Rehab Programs

Intensive Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment

Renaissance Recovery’s outpatient treatment center brings together group sessions, one-on-one treatment and family counseling that helps addicts on multiple levels. The program runs three nights each week and focuses on small groups and highly personalized environments. In many ways, recovery is a path that the afflicted needs help to walk. We work with good people to help them choose sobriety.


This weekly group session provides support and treatment for our clients’ ongoing sobriety. Meeting once per week reinforces the commitment to a clean life and helps to hone and develop skills. Long-term treatment is proven to improve lasting sobriety. This program runs for 90 days.

Alumni Group: Ongoing

We provide an ongoing weekly group session for alumni and recent clients because recovery often requires strong ties to others. The fellowship is a key factor for individual sobriety.

Opiate Dependence Support Group: Ongoing

Opiate addiction has grown to epidemic proportions and forcing this dependency into remission requires detoxification. These drugs claim the physical, emotional, and psychological health of community members. This powerful addiction requires effective ongoing treatments. We provide Gospel-centered and Faith-based solutions, SMART Recovery, 12 Steps, and a wide range of proven approaches to treatment and support.

Family Program

Addicts do not suffer alone. Their dependency has a devastating impact on loved ones. Entire families are under siege when one of their own falls prey to addiction. No economic or social stature in the community can exempt people from suffering addiction. No one can hide or mask the turmoil and declining health of a clan besieged by addiction. Feelings of guilt, shame and fear detract from the warm love families deserve. The Renaissance Recovery Center in Gilbert offers drug rehab programs designed to help heal family bonds through Gospel principles and the understanding that family love is part of God’s plan for us.

Interventions & Assessments

People who struggle with addiction find ways to trick themselves into thinking they do not have a problem. It’s generally called denial. Through professional and family support, we can assist families to break down that barrier and get that afflicted loved one the help they truly need. A well-planned intervention and treatment plan can be a turning point for loving families. Our trained professionals will assess the issues and help facilitate an intervention. Emotions can run high during these life-changing moments and it’s imperative to work with an intervention specialist.

5 stars - Arizona Drug Rehabilitation Center
“Finally, a program that really works with people who truly care and have real life experiences to share. This program has changed my life, mindset and wellbeing. This is a program of caring, love and understanding. They focus on the core issues as a pathway to wellbeing and they will never give up on you. Every member of the staff will treat you like family and you will find deep lasting connection with them and other members. I have tried and failed in the past. Not this time. With the support of those involved in this program, anything is possible!”
-Charisse S.

Mental Health And Dual Diagnosis

The struggles of people that suffer dependency and addiction simultaneously are incredibly challenging. An estimated 8 million people fall into his Dual Diagnosis category. Treating both conditions at the same time has proven to be highly successful. The Renaissance Recovery Center has the staff members and skills to treat people dealing with mental illness and addiction. We utilize options such as cognitive behavioral therapy, depression management, one-on-one therapies. We also provide referrals for medical treatments when appropriate.


Outpatient Rehab FAQ

We provide intensive outpatient (IOP) treatment for those with addictions to alcohol, drugs and/or other substances.
Outpatient drug rehab is a course of addiction treatment that allows the client to remain in his or her home environment instead of entering an inpatient rehabilitation facility. This lets people move forward with a new chapter in their lives without interrupting work and family obligations.
At Renaissance Ranch Recovery Center’s outpatient drug rehab, our goals include helping clients achieve lifelong sobriety, achieve personal healing from events of the past, achieve optimal functionality in both personal and professional environments, and improve their overall quality of life. We strive to treat the whole person rather than just put a Band-Aid on the addiction. We also believe it's important for those in recovery to cultivate spiritual balance in their lives.
Although we do accept various forms of insurance, we encourage you to contact your insurance carrier and ask whether they will cover all or part of your outpatient addiction treatment because policies vary. We also offer clients payment options besides insurance.
Our primary IOP program takes 90 days to complete. To accommodate schedules of working people, group sessions are held during the evening. Sessions last between one and two hours and are held Monday through Thursday. Participants have the opportunity to share their stories with others facing a similar challenge. We also offer an aftercare program for those who have completed their 90 days but would still like some support in their journey with sobriety. This program also lasts for 90 days, but unlike our primary program, participants are only required to meet one evening per week for a three-hour group therapy session.
Because we believe strongly in treating the whole person, our outpatient treatment center programs stress spiritual guidance and balance. Other core tenets of our outpatient drug programs include the belief that knowledge is power and that addiction is a complex disorder that primarily affects the part of the human brain that generates our survival instincts.
Our holistic therapeutic approach includes the following:
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy
  • Recreational and Group Therapy
  • Educational Therapy
  • Motivational Enhancement Therapy
Besides our 90-day aftercare program, we also offer ongoing weekly group sessions for alumni seeking fellowship with others who are traveling the same road. We also have an ongoing weekly option for those suffering from opioid addiction and family support groups.


Renaissance Recovery is a Drug Rehab Center in Gilbert AZ

If you or a loved one are suffering from addiction, it’s time to take steps toward recovery and getting that illness into remission. Renaissance Recovery Center is located in Arizona and fosters healing through Gospel-centered programs and treatment. Many conditions are covered by insurance under mental health provisions. Contact us for a free consultation at 480-526-7738.

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