Shame Issues

A girl is being shamed.

People overreacting to the throes of addiction with shame is actually part of what got us to our current problems with criminalization. When the fault of addiction is entirely laid at the feet of the addict, instead of understanding that addiction remaps the brain to desire more of a certain illicit substance, it leads to blaming the addict instead of helping them. This has only served to fill up prisons, but not actually stop of spread of addiction.

Shame prevents spiritual recovery

When shame is laid onto the addict, it takes away their network of support, and causes them to fall back on their faults. This creates one of the biggest roadblocks to actually achieving fulfilling growth and spiritual recovery, as a person.

The road forward

When we look at the issues that addiction is bringing to our country and, indeed, the entire world, we must accept that a new approach to facing it is needed. Instead of using shame, we must begin to look at addiction for what it actually is: a disease. Once we do this, we can begin to see addiction as a public health issue, and one that can be solved through innovative and compassionate thinking.