SMART Recovery

yoga for stressSMART recovery is a well-known, internationally recognized approach to helping individuals overcome all types of addiction and addictive behaviors, such as drug abuse, alcohol abuse, gambling addiction, or problem addiction with to other activities. Here at Renaissance Ranch, we employ techniques from the SMART recovery method to help individuals overcome drug, alcohol, and prescription medication addictions.

How does SMART recovery work?

SMART recovery centers around a four-point program:

1. Building and maintaining motivation
2. Coping with urges
3. Managing thoughts, feelings and behaviors
4. Living a balanced life

This four-point program works to give recovering addicts a well rounded approach to overcoming their addictions. It can help you strengthen and build the motivation you need to fuel your recovery; give you the tools you need to cope with relapse triggers; help you build psychological resilience; and ultimately help you live a more balanced life that will promote a stronger recovery. All of these factors will prove vital as you work to overcome addiction and will work together to create lasting success.

What are the benefits of the SMART recovery approach?

Our outpatient substance abuse treatment program here at Renaissance Ranch employs a variety approaches to treating addiction, including cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and relapse prevention. Because SMART recovery uses principles from all of these approaches, it makes for a natural addition to our program. SMART recovery also pairs well with other approaches that we employ in treatment, including the 12-step model and the disease model of addiction.

One major benefit to SMART recovery, amongst many others, is its widespread use. In addition to the community you build within our addiction recovery program, you can glean support from others who have participated in SMART recovery all over the world. Ultimately, SMART recovery is one of the things that can offer you the support system you need for a successful recovery.