Renaissance Recovery Center offers a clinically driven approach to drug rehabilitation. Our program is particularly unique because it puts a high emphasis on personalized treatment, which means that we adjust our techniques to work with individuals, not the other way around. In order to provide this experience, our program works with groups that are much smaller than typical rehabilitation programs.
Our program consists of a series of intensive outpatient services. While this is highly effective for many individuals, it is not right for everyone. This is why the professionals at Renaissance Recovery Center provide assessments and referrals at no charge. Our goal is to make sure that every individual gets access to the programs and services that are best suited to their needs. We pride ourselves in being able to utilize our vast network of resources in order to secure our goal.

Intensive Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment

Primary Program: 90 days

Our intensive outpatient program runs 4 nights per week (Mon – Thur) with 1 individual session per week. In addition to the individual session, our group sessions are smaller by design, to create a more intimate setting. This allows for personalized care, while still getting the benefits of being in a social setting.
Our program revolves around the 12 Steps and as such, it involves being in a therapeutic community. It relies upon peers appropriately assisting each other in the recovery process. The therapeutic community is based upon three major principles:
  • Personal Integrity
  • Group Integrity
  • Staff Integrity


Program Length: 60 days

Our aftercare program consists of 1 group session per week. We address issues relating to long-term sobriety maintenance and create an environment for a supportive therapeutic community. During aftercare, we continue working with our patients to determine how treatment is working for them and, as always, we provide counseling services and/or referrals as necessary.

Counseling Services

Every person is an individual with unique circumstances and overcoming the difficulties of addiction works best with an approach that is able to adjust to the different needs of individuals. That is why we offer a diverse selection of counseling services which includes:


One of our top priorities is making sure that every individual we see is able to get access to the care that is best suited to their needs. To ensure this goal, we provide referrals for the following services and much more:
  • In-patient detoxification
  • In-patient rehabilitation
  • Detox Services
  • Suboxone Taper
  • Pornography/Sex Addiction
  • Eating Disorders
  • Grief and Loss