How to Keep Your Teen Safe from Prescription Painkillers

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Today, one of the biggest risks facing teens is the prescription painkillers sitting in medicine cabinets in most American households. Most teens abuse prescription painkillers because they see the adults in their lives taking them, to manage various health conditions, and can easily access these prescription medications compared to other drugs. Moreover, teenagers are very vulnerable and can be lured easily into trying out new drugs that they have never seen before. While these prescription drugs may seem less dangerous than other addictive drugs such as heroin and cocaine, misuse of painkillers can lead to a serious addiction or death due to a fatal overdose.

Here are great tips on how to protect a teenager from developing an addiction to prescription painkillers.

Consider Alternative Pain Relief Options

Teens are in a very active stage of their lives and can easily experience injuries in their day-to-day activities. However, there are different alternatives for suppressing that pain other than these prescription drugs. Unfortunately, the prescription painkillers can lead to a terrible addiction even when taken according to the physician’s prescriptions. Discuss with the physician about the potential for a physical dependency of any painkillers before receiving or accepting the dosage. In fact, over-the-counter medications and other remedies such as ice and heat can be used to alleviate discomfort, especially if the pain is not severe.

Limit Access to the Pills

It is unfortunate that the number of innocent teens in any prescription painkiller addiction treatment center and rehab is on the rise. Most of these teens developed an addiction just because they had access to prescription painkillers. Therefore, it is upon every parent or guardian to minimize his or her child’s access to these pills.

It is not advisable to encourage dependence on prescription drugs as is usually the case with other medications. Adults should always keep their prescription drugs in secure places where teens cannot gain access. Potentially addictive prescription medications should be kept in a locked cabinet in the bedroom. Also, ensure that teens don’t visit places where medications are stored haphazardly. For example, a teenager can grab a few pills from his or her grandparents’ place, if they are not kept in a locked cabinet.

Talk about Addiction to Painkillers

Teenagers get exposed to drug abuse at an early age. Therefore, every responsible parent or guardian should take time to discuss with his or her children about the risks of prescription painkillers misuse. In fact, some teens don’t even know that they can misuse painkillers and develop a serious addiction, which can only be treated in a prescription drug rehab center.

Teenagers are exposed to massive and sometimes misleading information from their peers and social media networks. Physicians carefully consider various factors such as age, body weight and tolerance to certain medications before prescribing a particular painkiller to a patient. Hence, taking someone else’s prescription painkillers can easily lead to an addiction or/and overdose. Establish an open environment for communication so that your child can learn from you.

Know When to Take Action

It is important to seek professional help as soon as possible before an addiction problem escalates. Arrange for a professional assessment in a drug addiction rehab center that focuses on treatment for prescription drug addiction in Chandler, Arizona to get immediate help. Be proactive in preventing your teen from developing an addiction to prescription painkillers.

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