5 Caring Ways to Help a Loved One Seek Drug Addiction Rehabilitation

Mother and Daughter - Helping a Loved One Seek Drug Addiction Rehabilitation in Arizona

We often feel helpless as we watch a loved one slip away, tethered to their drug addiction with no release in sight.

Convincing a loved one with an addiction to consider going into a drug addiction rehabilitation program may be one of the harder things you’ve ever have to do. To help with this, here are five caring ways to get you started.

Are you feeling lost in knowing how to help a loved one in their recovery from addiction? If so, you are not alone, we can help you!

Start the Conversation

Approaching a loved one about their drug addiction can be frightening Still, it’s a conversation you need to start sooner rather than later. Accept that this conversation may not go the way you want it to, at least initially. It will require patience on your part. Here are a few tips to help.

    • Express your feelings, show empathy, and don’t let yourself get angry.
    • Resist using shaming tactics.
    • Admit to your loved one that you only know what you see with your own eyes

Addressing the Fear of Detoxification

Fear can stop us in our tracks. If your loved one has tried quitting in the past, they will remember the horrors of withdrawal. Try reassuring them that this time they will have help.

Enlisting the help of detox professionals in a medical setting can provide more hope for a successful detox. Let your loved one know that they won’t have to go it alone.

Do Your Own Research

To make it easier on yourself, do your own research on drug addiction, such as what causes it and how it progresses. Read how others have dealt with it and what their addiction recovery was like. Then, when you speak with your loved one, you will be doing so from a deeper understanding of what they may be going through.

Seek Professional Advice from Renaissance Recovery Center in Arizona

Ultimately you will want to contact a drug addiction rehabilitation center for more advice. Talk to as many experts as you can until you find one you are most comfortable with.

Learn about the different options for treatment, including:

    • in-patient
    • intensive out-patient
    • group counseling, and
    • aftercare programs

Understand what each treatment involves and what the drug addiction rehabilitation center offers in the way of each one.

Scheduled Intervention at Renaissance Recovery Center

Denial by your loved one can go on and on. At some point, you will need to accept that it’s time to schedule an Intervention.

Your Intervention needs to well-planned and well-timed. For help with this, seek professional advice. Choose who will be at the Intervention and make sure everyone understands its purpose.

Recovery from addiction will not happen overnight. Open up the conversation with your loved one, address the fears of detox, do your own research, seek professional advice, and, if necessary, schedule an Intervention. All of these are ways of showing you care for your loved one, and want only the best for them.

Contact the Renaissance Recovery Center and Help Your Loved One with Rehabilitation

Renaissance Recovery Center is a specialized drug and alcohol outpatient addiction treatment center in Arizona that promotes healing using a 12-step recovery program. We promote overall healing and wellness by focusing on not only the individual but also their family members and friends. We know that this can be an emotionally challenging process. That is why we provide expert care in a respectful, compassionate, and safe environment free from stigma and judgment. To learn more about how we can help you, please call us today!

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