The Benefits of Telehealth Services in Arizona

Man on Cellphone - The Benefits of Telehealth Services in Arizona

It’s great to be able to interact personally with a professional, which is why the Renaissance Recovery Center offers a number of programs to help those battling addiction and/or mental health issues to get the help they need to fully recover and go on to lead happy, productive lives. At the same time, we also put a premium on telehealth as we know that it offers unique benefits that can make a huge difference to anyone who needs professional help to turn his or her life around.

Telehealth Services are Always Available

Sadly, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the way in which rehabilitation centers offer care and treatment, making it difficult or impossible for groups to meet for therapy and treatment. Even meeting one-on-one with a health care professional can be hard, especially if you have an underlying health condition that would put you at risk if you get the coronavirus. Thankfully, you can still get in touch with us quickly and easily via our telehealth services even if you can’t meet a professional in person.

You Can Access Telehealth Services Without Making Schedule Changes

Are you studying, holding down a job, and/or caring for family members? Do your circumstances make it difficult or impossible for you to drop everything and sign up for rehab treatments? If so, telemedicine may be just the cure you need. You can call us at any time of the day or night for professional help and advice. We’re always available to help you through rough times, encourage you to maintain healthy habits during the good times, and offer invaluable, professional advice to enable you to discover and deal with the root issues that brought about the addiction and/or mental health issues in the first place.

Telehealth Services are not Just Another Phone Call

Telehealth services make it possible for you to stay in touch with a certified health professional in the way you feel most comfortable with. It’s not just about picking up the phone and making a call; you can also schedule a video chat if you need help in a visual format and/or the ability to interact with someone who cares about you personally. Alternatively, you can communicate by email or text message if you prefer either of these means of communication. Choose the method that works best for you at any given time and reach out for the help you need to overcome your past problems.

Get Immediate Professional Help Via Telehealth at the Renaissance Recovery Center

Addictions and mental health issues can cause lasting damage if left untreated. That’s why we encourage you to take full advantage of the many benefits of telehealth services to get the immediate professional help you need. Renaissance Recovery Center is a certified, award-winning facility that offers various programs to meet your current and future needs. However, you don’t have to wait until the quarantine period is lifted to take advantage of all that we offer.Our telehealth services can provide you with the immediate help and assistance you need to overcome addictions and/or mental health issues so you can enjoy the life you deserve to live. Get in touch with us in the manner that’s most convenient for you to benefit from our many services.

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