3 Tips to Avoid Alcohol Use in Social Settings for Those in Alcohol Rehabilitation

4 Girls Enjoying Coffee in a Cafe- Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in Arizona

Many adults can go to a party, have a drink, socialize, and go home happy and sober. For them, this is normal. Others of us, however, struggle with this situation. Some of us can’t stop at one drink. One drink becomes two and two drinks become five. We have a different definition of normal. For these reasons, we need the help of tips to avoid alcohol like those listed below.

Understanding Alcohol Addiction

Things that seem normal to one person may feel alien to another, but what determines what we view as normal? Surprisingly, it’s often the situations and experiences from our personal histories.

Many of us who struggle with alcohol do so because of the risk factors in our past:

    • We were raised in a home where alcohol was regularly abused.
    • We were raised in a home where alcohol was readily available to us.
    • We began drinking at a young age.
    • Most or all of our friends drink alcohol.
    • We are adult children of alcoholics.

In a nutshell, this means we enjoying drinking alcohol. We enjoy drinking alcohol with friends, especially. We don’t go to parties to mingle and gossip. We go to get wasted.

Once we enter an alcohol rehabilitation center and begin a program of recovery from alcohol addiction, however, getting wasted is no longer an option. Instead, we must learn alternative ways to socialize and to cut loose with friends without the artificial stimulation of alcohol. But How?

Avoid the Bar Area

When you find yourself in a social situation where alcohol is the drink of choice, avoid the area where drinks are being dispensed. Many factors can act as triggers, even for those who’ve been in recovery for years. These could include the clinking of glasses, the heady scent of a mixed drink, or the sound beer makes as it’s poured into a glass. Remove yourself from a situation that poses an imminent risk of relapse by spending your time on the other side of the room.

Have Something to Do With Your Hands

It feels awkward to mingle at a party where everyone is comfortably holding a drink, especially if there’s nothing to do with your hands. You can remedy this problem by nursing a glass of water or soda, or even by bringing your own drink from home. If this feels too conspicuous, stop on the way to the bash and grab a large designer coffee in a to-go cup from your favorite cafe. You’ll look trendy and comfortable without being tempted to grab a beer.

Later, if you find yourself without a non-alcoholic beverage to cling to, look for the snack table and fill a plate with finger foods such as chips or hors d’oeuvres to keep your hands busy. If all else fails, abduct the bowl of nuts or pretzels from the bar and bring them to your table.

Arrive With a Back-Up Plan

Bring money, a ride, and a good friend to help in the event you find yourself inexplicably drawn toward the bar. Make a hasty exit, and find the nearest eatery that doesn’t serve alcohol. Share a decadent meal and some heavy conversation with a friend as a satisfying alternative to drinking.

If you need help to recover from alcohol addiction, call Renaissance Recovery Center, a Drug And Alcohol Rehab Center in Gilbert, AZ. We’ll work with you one-on-one to achieve a tailored recovery solution. Your new normal is waiting. We can help you embrace it. Call us today

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