The Challenges of Sex Addiction

A man in a white t shirt sits in front of his laptop in shame.

There are many different types of addiction that persist in the human experience. However, one type of addiction that rarely gets talked about enough is sex addiction. Unlike substance abuse, sex addiction isn’t necessarily about being addicted to a type of behavior. Instead, there are usually a large amount of underlying factors, such as anxiety, depression, self doubt, and extreme stress. Sex is simply the way that a sex addict chooses to try to wash away these problems that should be dealt with head on. From there, the addiction continues to persist. Here are some of the major challenges of sex addiction, today…

Many people don’t believe sex addiction exists

One of the largest challenges of sex addiction is that it can be difficult to gain the empathy of others for one simple reason: there are many people who do not believe that sex addiction even exists. The train of thought behind this reasoning is that sex is typically seen as a very pleasurable act, and that people who suffer from sex addiction are just individuals who like a sex a lot. However, as mentioned before, sex addiction is not about sex. Sex addiction is about a lot of other issues that an individual may be dealing with. Tackling those other issues is the best way to overcome sex addiction. However, it is incredibly hard to face your demons when you lack the support of your peers and loved ones.

Pornography is always readily available

Many other types of addictions take a good deal of effort to continue experiencing. Those who suffer from substance abuse must take the time, money, and effort to get their hands on the substance that they are addicted to. However, sex addiction can be a different case. While it may be very challenging to physically carry out sex addiction with another person, addiction to pornography is another way that sex addiction manifests itself. And, as it is widely known, it is incredibly easy to access porn in this day and age, where we have a gateway to the entire dark side of the internet in the palm of our hand, due to the development of smart phones. It can be hard to avoid your addiction when it is so easily accessible, as it is for many sex addicts.

Many social disorders are clumped under sex addiction

There are many social disorders that get thrown into the label of sex addiction by society. Those who experience extreme fetishes, such as the need for exhibitionist acts, are not experiencing the same thing as those with sex addiction. Such individuals are action experiencing a social disorder, rather than an addiction. This means that the stigma of many different images can get placed on the head of one person who suffers from sex addiction.