How To Manage Your Fear of Relapse

Happy Man in a Park- Managing Fear of Relapse

Recovery is more about a journey than a destination and the fear of relapsing back to old ways is very real for those who have suffered from addiction. Therefore, it is critical for everyone who is in recovery from drug abuse and addiction to rely on the help of trained medical professionals.

Addiction encompasses both brain chemistry and emotions. There are situations that can trigger someone to relapse, so it is important to be aware of these triggers and use the right tools to manage relapse triggers. This can prevent the fear of relapse from consuming someone’s life.

Have Reliable Contacts

One of the most important relapse prevention techniques, everyone must have reliable contacts for help. In an outpatient treatment setting, people lead a very structured life. Most hours have been mapped out by medical professionals. After leaving rehab, individuals are responsible for their daily choices. Therefore, part of the treatment process should involve putting together a trusted list of contacts that can be reached in the event of an imminent relapse. This could include trained medical professionals, friends, and family members who can talk the person through a tough situation or show up if they are needed. This could include people who are members of support groups who can share experience from similar situations.

Target the Root Cause for Alcohol Relapse Prevention

During the recovery process, it is important to remember that avoiding relapse means removing the old habits that led to addiction in the first place. If someone leaves treatment and returns to their old ways, they are likely to end up relapsing. Therefore, find new activities to replace the old ones. This could include taking up a new hobby or volunteering at a local shelter. People need to fill their time and their minds with constructive, new activities that will prevent them from slipping back into the world of drug abuse and addiction.

Take Prescribed Medication as Required for Drug Relapse Prevention

Some individuals might end up using prescription medication furnished by a medical professional to treat chronic medical conditions. This could include everything from diabetes and heart disease to depression and anxiety. Regardless of the condition, it is important to follow the advice of trained medical professionals and take prescription medication as required. At the same time, those who are worried they taking something addictive (such as opioid pain medication or benzos) should make their concerns known to the doctor. There might be alternatives that still accomplish the same goals without exposing someone to something addictive.

Contact Trained Professionals for Addiction Relapse Assistance

At Renaissance Recovery Center, we are located in the gorgeous area of Gilbert, Arizona. We are an outpatient drug and alcohol rehab treatment center that can help patients come up with a lasting plan that can help people on the road to recovery. Our counselors will work with patients to remove the stigma of shame, pain, and isolation to help patients create a meaningful life on the other side of addiction. Our drug rehab and alcohol rehab services take a well-rounded approach to the treatment of addiction in the outpatient setting. Contact us today!

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