Finding Purpose during Recovery


Recovery from addiction can be a time when you’re feeling uncertain about your future and uncertain as to how you will find purpose in your life after addiction. Finding purpose, however, is essential to remaining accountable for staying sober, and it can offer something rewarding to fill your time with. Here are some things that you might be able to find purpose in as you navigate recovery from addiction.

Purpose in your recovery group

One reason that it’s so important to continue attending alumni meetings after receiving treatment is that your input and insights are needed to help others along their own recoveries. As you help uplift others who might be struggling during recovery—just as they might sometimes do for you—you will find purpose in attending these important meetings.

Purpose in work

If you feel ready to enter the workforce again, work could be central to helping you establish a routine and having something for you to wake up for in the mornings. Dedicating yourself to work will help you find purpose in making a living, making a contribution in the workplace, and helping those that benefit from the work that you do. Of course, you should ensure that you feel ready for the stresses that often come with work before you decide to re-enter the workforce.

Purpose in volunteer work

Similarly, for those who feel ready, volunteer work can offer a tremendously rewarding experience that it’s hard not to see purpose in. You’ll find satisfaction in helping others and will feel needed as you go about the work that you do. You can walk away from volunteer work feeling fulfilled, and you will look forward to kindling those feelings of goodwill again in the future.

Purpose in recovery itself

Don’t forget as you navigate recovery that there is a great deal of meaning to be found in recovery itself. The journey you are on will not only improve your physical health but will also benefit you mentally and spiritually. As you grow more and more accustomed to sobriety, you’ll begin to learn more about who you are when sober and will begin to see strengths in yourself that were previously obscured by addiction. You’ll also gain valuable insights about recovery and will grow in self-confidence. All of these things you gain during recovery will work together to make you better prepared to help others in need—especially those who are striving to overcome addiction.