Family Involvement in Addiction Recovery



Addiction affects families as well as individuals.  It detaches the addict from the family unit, deteriorating trust, safety and security.  It also creates fear, guilt and resentment among family members.  Healing the family is crucial for the long term success of the addict as well as the success of the family.  

Family Counseling

One thing family members can do to support the healing process is to attend individual counseling.  They will be able to work individually with therapists to begin their own healing as well as support their family member.  This will help them see their role and the role of the person struggling with addiction in the family, and how to heal that relationship.  They will learn tools in order to help themselves heal and to learn resilience as well as how they can help their family member recover.

Group Therapy

Families can also participate in group therapy together.  With the facilitation of a therapist, families can talk openly about the family dynamic and work towards a common goal.  Also, families can participate in group therapy with other families.  Through working with other families, they can see that they are not alone and have the opportunity to process issues in a safe space.  The AA 12 step program recommends that family members join in meetings whenever possible to offer support and love to the family member struggling with addiction.  There are also Codependents Anonymous groups that meet and help individuals recover from codependency.  

Family Workshops

Attending a weekly family workshop can help strengthen families through the recovery process.  Through proper education and training, families can learn to focus their efforts and more effectively interact with their loved one who is struggling with addiction.  Alcoholics Anonymous has a slogan that says “We didn’t cause it, we can’t control it, and we can’t cure it.  We did, however, contribute to it, so let’s work on moving forward and contributing in a more positive and effective way.”  Working together as a family promotes emotional healing within the family as well as increased trust and peace.


Renaissance Recovery Center offers a family program to help all members of the family to heal.  We provide treatment coupled with gospel principles to assist the entire family unit move forward together towards a more peaceful and connected way of life.  Contact us today at 480-526-7738 for more information on how we can facilitate healing in your family.