Blogging during Addiction Recovery

A sad girl looks at a glowing computer screen in the midst of a dark room.There are many tools available to those who are going through addiction recovery, and a recovering addict very well may need all of them. One of these tools is simultaneously very social and very personal. Blogging during your recovery can be a very spiritual experience that acts as your own personal guide to this unique time of your life. Here are some wonderful benefits of blogging during addiction recovery…

Communicate with the world

Running a blog during the course of your addiction recovery allows you to share your journey with the rest of the world. This can have several positive effects, and may even help somebody else who is going through the same thing that you are. Stories of recovery are tales of hope, and having these stories accessible makes the world a better place. On top of everyone else, you are also communicating with a future version of yourself. When you are feeling down, whether due to addiction or something beyond it, this blog can serve as a reminder of what you’ve been through.

Chronicle your thoughts

As you are trying to purge your thoughts from the hold of addiction, your mind might sometimes be sporadic and unpredictable. Blogging during addiction recovery can help you sort thoughts that you may not understand the significance of, at the time. This is an immensely therapeutic process, as sometimes bad thoughts can fester in your own head. Writing these thoughts down can help you find clarity. This chronicling of your thoughts also shows others how well you are thriving in your recovery. This can be a great way for family members to see how you are doing, thus letting them get to know you better, and how they can help you. This is a great benefit that cannot be understated.

Record your progress, publicly

Keeping a blog of how your life is going during addiction recovery is also a good way to keep you accountable to yourself, as well as those around you. It shows others how well you are doing and the progress that you are making in your recovery. When other people see how well you are doing, it can take a great weight off of their shoulders, or even help them seek treatment, as well, if they themselves are an addict.

Garner support from the online community

Blogging during this time also keeps you from feeling alienated. The internet can provide the largest support base that there is. While the most important support is from those you love and are intimate with, having another form of support online can also be incredibly beneficial, and can serve as a consistent validation during your journey.