Addiction and Parenthood

A father looks at his new child.

For any individual, addiction is a trying challenge in life; one that has the potential to shake a person to their core. This is not only true of the individual who is addiction, however, but also the families of addicts who love and care for them. Of all of these familial relationships, though, the most complicated and difficult might be the one that addicts have with their children. Parenthood is an incredible responsibility that gives many people a higher purpose in their lives. However, addiction can complicate this paternal bond, as addiction is a disease that has the potential to rewire the very brain processes responsible for our behavior. Here’s some more information about the corrupt connection between addiction and parenthood…

Addiction can impact your responsibilities

Parents are responsible for the lives of their children. Not only because of their societal obligation, but also because there is a personal connection that is shared between parent and child. Addiction is a disease which can drastically affect your behavior, and make you into someone that you wouldn’t normally be. Addiction can get in the way of these responsibilities that are necessary to raising children, which makes their home life extremely unstable. At this moment in life, it’s important to remember that parents who are addicts are in tremendous need of help, as do their children.

Children look to their parents

While there is a certain innocence that is inherent in children, they actually realize a lot more than people realize. When a child sees the pain and throes that an adult that they love, especially their parent, goes through during a fight with addiction, it has a great effect on them. Such a struggle breeds confusion in a developing mind. This can affect the child in a multitude of ways. For example, the precedent that a parent sets for their child could set them down a path of addiction, themselves, or even cause the child to develop an extreme anger for their parents, which isn’t healthy. Addiction proves to be an immense complication in the child-parent relationship.

Children can provide inspiration in recovery

While it can be devastating for a child to watch their parents fight a battle with addiction, there is a possible positive aspect. It is incredibly common for children to serve as an inspiration; a fire that fuels their parents through the recovery process. It is important to have something that you are fighting for, when going through treatment, so that you can focus on a life that truly matters, outside of addiction.