Steve’s Story

Steve Brown is the Clinical and Executive Director of Renaissance Recovery Center, but he approaches those roles with the perspective of a recovering addict himself. At a very young age he started experimenting with alcohol. By the time he was 16 he drank, smoked marijuana and used psychedelic drugs on a daily basis. In his 20s he entered his first addiction recovery program, and for years he was in and out of these programs, spending time at inpatient facilities and even psych wards, until he finally found his rock bottom, put down the shovel and stopped digging. He decided to stay sober for a single day. Then he did the same thing the next day, and the next, gradually taking control of his life and the disease of addiction. Steve has devoted the rest of his life to helping others in their own journeys toward recovery. “It’s okay to need help. It’s okay to get help. Most of us can’t overcome this without reaching out and getting help. If you do it will get better, if you don’t it will get worse… There is help available!”