Drug Addiction Treatment in Arizona

90-Day Strategic Outpatient Program

During the first 90 days, we outline a comprehensive plan that merges individualized counseling, family engagement and group sessions designed to help those struggling with addiction. The program runs three nights each week, with an emphasis on the following tenets.

  • Personal Integrity: Rebuilding personal, internal honesty as a form of character building.
  • Group Integrity: Small gatherings focus on overcoming denial and self-deception about addiction.
  • Staff Integrity: The experienced professionals at Renaissance Recovery Center maintain the highest Faith-based integrity and sobriety.

Only the one struggling with addiction can choose the path to recovery. But the compassionate professionals at Renaissance Recovery Center will walk with you.

Hands together - Outpatient Treatment

90-Day Aftercare Program

Once the initial 90-day program has been completed, the work necessary for a life of sobriety is just beginning. The importance of bonding with others in Fellowship cannot be understated because many of the personal afflictions can manifest again. Our Gospel-centered programs provide ongoing fellowship and support and we strongly advocate for attending a weekly group session.

Joining with others that are engaged in spiritual fulfillment and a commitment to remain drug-free helps resist the urges to backslide. Group sessions involve honing sobriety skills and feeling the emotional support that may have been previously absent. At the Renaissance Recovery Center, we’re all in it together.

Ongoing Alumni Support

Fellowship stands a defining factor in long-term drug rehabilitation. Our Gospel-centered group sessions are available on an ongoing basis for alumni and new patients. Negative thoughts and emotions can be addictive forces. Joining our Faith-based community provides tangible experiences that you are not alone.

Ongoing Opiate Support Group

The Opiate Crisis has devastated families all across the country in a deeply personal way. That’s one of the reasons we have established a focused group to help combat this epidemic. Some of the substances this program addresses include:

Our Gospel-centered solutions focus on proven treatment programs.

Why Choose A Faith-Based Arizona Drug Treatment Center?

Drug addiction has a devastating impact on the life of the user as well as loved ones. Bonds of trust and love are torn apart as the afflicted individual spirals deeper into dependency. Turning the life of someone struggling with addiction around requires intensive treatment and a long-term support system.

Choosing the right facility can go a long way in determining the level of treatment success. Gospel-based programs such as ours generally enjoy a greater long-term success rate than many secular ones. The foundational reason for improved treatment success rests on the idea that addiction is simply one of a myriad of afflictions.

Many drug users suffer from feelings of loss, moral bankruptcy, and spiritual emptiness. Our approach works to get people off drugs while reinforcing their spiritual and emotional needs. Without something to ease those pains, many tormented souls slip back into addiction. Gospel-based treatment provides comprehensive and ongoing support. At Renaissance Recovery Center, our programs and methods include the following.

We also provide referrals for things that include:

  • Inpatient detoxification
  • Inpatient rehabilitation
  • Detoxification Services
  • Suboxone detoxification
  • Pornography/Sex Addiction
  • Eating disorders
  • Grief and loss
  • Chronic pain management

Renaissance Recovery Center: The Drug Treatment Center Arizona Community Members Rely on

At the Renaissance Recovery Center, we provide Faith-based drug treatment in Arizona. Our experienced, trained team understands the need for engaged drug treatment that may include interventions, intensive therapy, and long-term support. As a Gospel-oriented Arizona drug treatment center, our compassionate approach extends further than one-on-one therapy sessions and group discussions. We recognize that getting clean and sober is a significant life choice and we fully engage through Fellowship and spiritual well-being.

Contact Renaissance Recovery Center today and take the first step toward recovery. Give us a call at 480-526-7738 for a free consultation.

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